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A Problem Repeatedly Occurred On Safari? How To Fix

As a Mac user, Safari may be your preferred web browser. Why wouldn’t it be? It has all the features, speed, and functionality you would expect from a browser. Unfortunately, “A Problem Repeatedly Occurred” is one of Safari’s most irritating bugs. Therefore, if you face this difficulty, you have arrived at the proper location.

What Happens When Error Code “A Problem Repeatedly Occurred” Appears?

This error occurs when you attempt to access a webpage but need help for several reasons that will be discussed in the subsequent section. However, before addressing the problem, let’s examine the most common causes of this error.

1 – Cached files. 

2 – JavaScript Related issues. 

3 – Server issues. 

4 – Poor internet reception and other Internet-related issues. 

5 – Outdated browser. 

How To Fix “A Problem Repeatedly Occurred” On Safari?

Restart Safari

Before attempting anything further, restart Safari. This step will remove your cache, temporary files, and any other unnecessary files that may prevent the website from loading correctly.

Disable JavaScript

In Safari, you may eliminate the error notice “a problem repeatedly occurred” by deactivating JavaScript. This step might enable you to load the website quickly and without difficulty.

1 – Open Safari.  

2 – Navigate to Preferences.

A Problem Repeatedly Occurred

3 – Click the Security tab.  

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4 – Uncheck the option labeled Enable JavaScript next to Web Content.

A Problem Repeatedly Occurred

Clear Cache

Existing website data and cache can occasionally interfere with the proper operation of the website you are attempting to load. In this case, you should clear the cache and refresh the website.

1 – Open Safari.  

2 – Navigate to Preferences.  

3 – Click the Privacy tab.  

4 – Click Manage Website Data under Cookies and Website Data.

5 – Click Remove all  

Check Updates

It is crucial to update your Mac and its apps regularly. For example, you may be using an out-of-date version of the Safari browser, which has led to the emergence of issues or bugs and the occurrence of “a problem repeatedly occurred” on Safari. Therefore, the best course of action would be to upgrade Safari. To accomplish this.

1 – Click the Apple menu.  

2 – Select About this Mac. 

3 – Choose Software Update.

4 – If an update is available, you should click on it.

Check Other Websites

Quite possible the website you are attempting to access is experiencing server issues. To check this, check a few more websites and see whether the error continues. Also, check whether your Internet reception is sluggish or facing any other Internet issues.

Disable App You Recently Installed

VPN, antivirus, and firewall apps are known to interfere with Safari. If the error “a problem repeatedly occurred” began to appear after you installed a third-party app, deactivate it. You must verify that it does not occur in the background. To accomplish this.

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1 – Click the Apple menu.  

2 – Click Force Quit.

3 – Stop all apps operating in the background.

Now restart the Safari web browser and navigate to the problematic website.

Close Tabs

You may need help loading a webpage because you have opened many unnecessary tabs. Multiple open tabs heavily burden RAM and CPU cycles, resulting in improper page loading. Here, you may close tabs you don’t require and then check whether or not your desired webpage is loading smoothly.

Use Another Browser

This may not be a straightforward solution for resolving the error notice “a problem repeatedly occurred.” Still, it is always prudent to have an alternative to Safari in case of an emergency.


Could you fix “a problem repeatedly occurred” with the above solutions? Then, please indicate which of the abovementioned options helped you fix the issue in the comments area.

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