14 Best Android Apps For Bloggers To Make Blogging Easier

Looking for the best Android Apps For Bloggers? Then this article is for you. Blogging is the process of disseminating your knowledge via the Internet. As we all know, the majority of people, including bloggers, prefer to purchase Android devices. As a result, bloggers must also manage some things while on the go. Hence, to make blogging easier, you must have the appropriate apps installed on your Android phone. So, to make blogging easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best Android apps for bloggers.

14 Best Android Apps For Bloggers

We will present the best must-have Android apps for Bloggers so that they can deliver their work with greater quality, accuracy, and efficiency.


1. Blogger

Android Apps For Bloggers
Blogger is a popular platform for personal bloggers. If you have a Blogger blog, you should try this app. But, the functionality of this app (Android Apps For Bloggers) is still very limited compared to the WordPress app, which is surprising given that Google is the driving force behind this official app for their blogging service.

2. WordPress


Android Apps For Bloggers

Without a doubt, WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform on the Internet. This app (Android Apps For Bloggers), which is compatible with both self-hosted WordPress blogs and blogs hosted on, allows you to perform a variety of essential tasks such as creating, editing, and publishing blog posts, moderating comments, viewing analytics data, and publishing photos or videos were taken with your mobile phone’s camera.

3. Writer

Android Apps For Bloggers

Blogging and getting things done on your smartphone is difficult, especially with so many distractions on the screen. The most common productivity killers are apps and incoming notifications. The writer is a pared-down word processor that aims to solve this issue by providing a distraction-free writing environment on your tablet or smartphone, allowing you to focus solely on creating text content while remaining calm.

4. Tumblr

Android Apps For Bloggers

Many bloggers would rather have a Tumblr blog, also known as a microblog, than a full-fledged blog. That is due to the fact that posting short bursts of interesting content, such as quotes, videos, and photos, is less taxing. This app (Android Apps For Bloggers) is designed for Tumblr bloggers and includes posting content, scheduling posts, viewing and replying to messages, and managing multiple Tumblr blogs. It will also display Tumblr blogs of contacts in your address book so you can begin following them.


Android Apps For Bloggers

You’re not sure what a word means that you’re going to use in your blog post? Are you looking for a new word to use in your post? Do you want to know the definition of a word or phrase used in one of your readers’ comments? Here, is the solution to all of the aforementioned issues. The app (Android Apps For Bloggers) is especially helpful for bloggers who do not speak English fluently, and the ad-free version is only $2.99.

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6. Google Drive

Android Apps For Bloggers

Bloggers can use Google Drive to store all types of documents in the Cloud, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images, videos, audio, and many others. In addition to storing them, the app (Android Apps For Bloggers) will sync them across multiple devices linked to your Google account. Bloggers can access their files from wherever they are once they are synchronized. If you are halfway through a blog post on your laptop, you can continue working on it while commuting to work on your phone.

7. Photo Editor

Android Apps For Bloggers

We can take photos on the go with our smartphones and upload them to our blog posts right away or in the near future. We may need to do some minor touch-ups on the photos we’ve taken from time to time, and this is where Photo Editor comes in. This app (Android Apps For Bloggers) allows you to crop, edit, and resize photos and add effects, texts, and drawings to them.

8. SwiftKey Keyboard

Android Apps For Bloggers

This is a must-have app for anyone who is tired of typos and small keyboard buttons on their tablets or smartphones. SwiftKey Keyboard not only auto-corrects your typos, but it also predicts words based on your previous typing activities. You can even customize the word predictions by instructing the keyboard to learn the words you use on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and blog posts.

9. Flipboard

Android Apps For Bloggers

Flipboard’s Android app was only recently released. The app (Android Apps For Bloggers) allows users to flip through their Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ streams, as well as Google Reader feeds, in a beautiful way. It consolidates and curates a stream of important stories for those who are too busy to read them all. So, As a blogger, using this app and browsing through interesting news content on a daily basis will provide you with new ideas for your next blog post.

10. Disqus

Android Apps For Bloggers

Well, Because of the community features that bring blog commenters back and keep them engaged, many bloggers integrate the Disqus commenting system onto their blogs. So, With the Disqus Android app, you can moderate comments, publish responses to comments, and keep engagement levels high even when you’re not at your computer.

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11. Pocket

As bloggers, we frequently browse the Internet on our smartphones and come across insightful articles and blog posts that we would like to read but are unable to due to time constraints. Pocket addresses this issue by allowing us to save links that we want to read later. The app (Android Apps For Bloggers) will download a stripped-down version of an article, blog post, video, or pretty much anything so that we can return to it later.

12. BeyondPod Podcast Manager

Bloggers who don’t have time or enjoy reading may prefer to listen to audio content or watch videos. BeyondPod allows you to subscribe to, download, listen to, and watch video podcasts while on the go. This app (Android Apps For Bloggers) is especially useful for bloggers who spend a lot of time driving because they have very little reading time.

13. gAnalytics

Well, If you want to make money from your blog, the amount of traffic you receive, as well as other site metrics like bounce rates, are critical. gAnalytics is a mobile version of Google Analytics that allows you to take site usage statistics with you wherever you go. So, With this app (Android Apps For Bloggers), you can stop worrying about your blog’s traffic performance the next time you travel.

14. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

For bloggers, an app that records audio is essential. Here, You can use this app (Android Apps For Bloggers) to record an interview with an industry authority figure or to make to-do lists. Apart from recording, Tape-a-Talk has the capability of uploading your recording to a variety of services once it has been completed. The $4.99 paid version includes basic editing features such as cut, repair, and rename.

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Android Apps For Bloggers Conclusion:

Other than the apps mentioned above, do you use any other apps daily, fellow bloggers? Do you have any experience with the apps mentioned above or with any other apps not on this list that you’d like to share with us? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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