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Apple Watch Battery Drain? How To Fix

The Apple Watch is one of the market’s most popular smartwatches. The most recent versions of smartwatches offer health monitoring tools, such as heart rate tracking, ECG measures, and blood oxygen levels, in addition to the standard functionality. However, all of these features require electricity. The Apple Watch is designed to run a whole day without recharging, but you may discover that you must charge it more frequently. If this is the case, there are things you may take to fix Apple Watch battery drain issues. Here are some suggestions for extending the battery life of your Apple Watch.

How To Easily Fix Apple Watch Battery Drain?

Disable Always On Display on Apple Watch

The display is one of the largest drains on the Apple Watch’s battery. The longer your watch’s screen is on, the faster the battery will drain. If you’ve an Apple Watch Series 5 or later, your watch will have the Always On mode enabled by default. This setting guarantees that the time and your watch face or most recently used the app are always shown on your Apple Watch. Even if the screen dims slightly when the Wrist is lowered, this still consumes more battery than a blank screen. To conserve battery life, you can turn the Always On mode or modify the settings slightly. To turn the Always On display on the Apple Watch.

1 – Launch the Settings app.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

2 – Choose Display & Brightness after scrolling down.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

3 – Choose Always On.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

4 – To disable Always On, toggle the switch to Off.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

5 – To reduce the quantity of information displayed by your Apple Watch while leaving Always On enabled, tap one of the options under Wrist Down.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

6 – For each option, you may display whether that information will be displayed on your watch face while your Wrist is down. Turning off these devices may reduce battery drain.

Turn Off Wake On Wrist Raise

Wake on Wrist Raise is a function that automatically turns on the screen of your Apple Watch when you raise your Wrist to look at it. This eliminates the need to tap the screen to wake it up. However, this feature employs motion sensors that can contribute to battery drain. In the Apple Watch settings, you may turn this feature. To turn Wake upon Wrist Raise.

1 – Open the Settings app.

2 – Select Display & Brightness by scrolling down the page.

3 – Toggle Wake on Wrist Raise to the Off position.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

Reduce Wake Time

If the Always On setting is off and you tap your Apple Watch to wake it, the screen will turn off after a brief time of inactivity if you do not use it. The duration may be specified in the Apple Watch settings. You may reduce the battery drain by decreasing the Apple Watch’s wake time. To alter the Apple Watch’s wake time.

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1 – Launch Settings. 

2 – Choose Display & Brightness. 

3 – Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Wake Duration.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

4 – Choose Wake For 15 Seconds.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

Disable Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh enables your Apple Watch to update apps when they are not open. This can be quite beneficial for some apps but may be less crucial for others. As upgrading in the background consumes energy, this can be a significant battery drain. Fortunately, you can disable Background App Refresh for all or individual apps alone. This must be done using your iPhone. To disable Background App, Refresh off.

1 – Launch the Watch app on your iPhone

2 – Select General.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

3 – Choose Background App Refresh.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

4 – Toggle Background App Refresh to Off to turn it, or turn it for specific apps from the list of apps below.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

Reduce Apple Watch Brightness

The greater the brightness of your Apple Watch’s display, the greater the battery drain. This may be mitigated by turning the brightness on your Apple Watch. However, you should be aware that if the brightness is low, it may be difficult to see your watch face in strong sunshine, especially if it is dimly lit. To turn the brightness of the Apple Watch.

1 – Launch the Settings app. 

2 – Choose Display & Brightness. 

3 – To reduce the brightness, tap the Brightness Down icon or turn the digital crown.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

Use Workout Power Saving Mode

If Always On is turned and you perform workouts with your Apple Watch, information about these workouts will be shown on your watch face. The heart rate sensor will also measure your heart rate throughout your workout. By activating Workout Life Saving, the Always On display and the heart sensor will be disabled, conserving battery power while you exercise. However, with the heart rate sensor off, estimations of energy burnt during exercise will be less precise. To turn on the Apple Watch’s Workout Power Saving mode.

1 – Open Settings. 

2 – Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Workout.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

3 – Toggle Power Saving Mode to On.

Apple Watch Battery Drain

Turn Off Siri

Using Siri on your Apple Watch makes it simple to execute voice-activated tasks such as playing music or checking the weather. However, how Siri is engaged will affect your battery life. For example, holding down the digital crown to activate Siri uses far less battery power than the Hey Siri option. This feature allows you to activate Siri by just uttering a word, but because it requires your Apple Watch to listen continually, it consumes more battery. Disabling Hey Siri in the Apple Watch’s settings is an additional method for resolving battery drain issues. To disable Hey Siri on the Apple Watch.

1 – Launch Settings. 

2 – Scroll down and choose Siri. 

3 – Toggle “Hey Siri” Listening off.

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4 – You may also choose to turn Raise to Speak. This feature activates Siri when you instantly raise your Wrist and begin speaking.

Turn On Reduce Motion To Limit Animations

As with other Apple gadgets, your Apple Watch employs animations that are so subtle that you may not even see them. For instance, if you tap the side button to open recently used apps, the apps will move up from the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, this type of animation consumes more battery than merely showing the apps. If you are turning battery drain issues, you may disable these animations by selecting the Reduce Motion feature. To turn to Reduce Motion on the Apple Watch.

1 – Open Settings. 

2 – Scroll down and select Accessibility.

3 – Choose Reduce Motion.

4 – Toggle the Reduce Motion switch to On.

5 – When you touch the side button, the most recently used apps will show without any motion effects.

Update watchOS

If you have attempted the above procedures and cannot fix the Apple Watch battery drain, consider upgrading the watchOS. Installing the most recent version of the operating system might reduce battery issues. You may accomplish this with either your watch or your iPhone. To update your Apple Watch’s watchOS.

1 – Launch the Settings app. 

2 – Choose General.

3 – Tap Software Update.

4 – If your Apple Watch is up-to-date, you will get the following message.

5 – If a watchOS update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest version.

To update watchOS on an iOS device.

1 – Launch the Watch app on your iPhone. 

2 – Choose General. 

3 – Choose Software Update.

4 – The iPhone will check for software updates. For example, if your Apple Watch is up-to-date, you will get a confirmation message.

5 – Install it according to the instructions if an update is detected.

Pair Apple Watch Again

If you continue to experience problems with battery drain on your Apple Watch, it may be because your iPhone and Apple Watch are not properly linked. Try unpairing and then repairing your Apple Watch to see if this helps. To disconnect your Apple Watch from your iPhone.

1 – Launch the Watch app on your iPhone. 

2 – At the top of the screen, tap All Watches on the My Watch tab.

3 – Tap the information icon located adjacent to your Apple Watch.

4 – At the bottom of the screen, choose Unpair Apple Watch.

5 – Confirm your selection to de-pair your Apple Watch from your iPhone.

6 – Bring your iPhone close to your Apple Watch to repair them. When the pairing screen displays, follow the directions displayed on-screen.


You’ll want to go through the day without needing to charge your Apple Watch, so it’s important to learn how to fix battery drain problems. In addition, more things increase the use of your Apple Watch.

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