10 Best Casual MMO To Play

MMOs have been my passion for quite some time. But lately, it has become more of a chore than an entertaining part of my life. I spend all day and night traversing the open world, role acting or scheming, yet I go nowhere. I thus set out to identify casual MMO options that specifically target gamers like myself who have limited free time but want to make the most of it.

Picking The Best Casual MMOs

Yet, abandoning MMO games with massive time drains proved pretty difficult. Those where you can go in, accomplish something, have fun, skip the grind, and receive a reward for your efforts. Below are the components we’ve developed for our search.

Easy Mechanics – You should be able to figure out what’s going on after playing the game for a couple of hours.

Rewarding Systems – Obtaining loot, mission, or game rewards is easy. You would only rely on something other than external trade to improve.

Simple Character Progression – You can quickly grasp how to improve your character without making game-breaking errors.

Smaller Areas to Journey – You can skip going too far to participate in content, such as quests.

Experience Freedom – You can pursue meta builds, gears, or regions without pursuing meta builds, gears, or regions.

Non-grind Experiences – Grind mechanics may be optional and not part of the primary game.

Non-punishing Systems – You can enjoy the game even if you’re not competent.

Non-addictive Gameplay Loop – It will only do good if you have other obligations and interests.

High Entertainment Values – You’re here to have fun, even if just for 15 minutes every day.

Budget – You choose free or single-payment games because you only have a little time to play.

10 Best Casual MMO To Play

Casual MMO to play.

1. Guild Wars II

Casual MMO

A free MMORPG from ArenaNet is Guild Wars 2. It follows the genre’s traditional formula: you pick from five razes and become the focus of a sequence of events that change the globe. You follow a wonderful story using the well-known genre system of an action bar and a targeting system. In addition, several global events, large-scale fights, and many players are on the servers.

Most players believe the game to be the most casual MMO available because of its horizontal growth. It implies no superior gear, and you can upgrade anything you like. Also, whatever you accomplish rewards you appropriately. The game offers a light online RPG experience with full-blown and zero-grind mechanics. It’s also a good game for individuals who want to collect and customize pets and cosmetics. Finally, it helps that the zones are beautiful and full of people willing to assist you.

2. MapleStory 2

Casual MMO

MapleStory 2 is both the newest and least popular Casual MMO on our list. This is a free MMO JRPG with cartoonish visuals and a lighthearted tone. After quitting Steam in 2020, the game reemerged with its launcher. It offers the same experience as previously. As in a platformer, you play in a vibrant 3D environment. You acquire resources and engage in fast-paced combat against cartoonish creatures as you explore.

Even though there is a lot of content, a half-hour of playtime will bring you rather far. The game is enjoyable, and it’s easy to see what to do and where to go. The story is also in little chunks, so even casual players might bypass the plot. We recommend MapleStory 2 for younger players or players with less experience. It’s a nice MMO entry.

3. The Elder Scrolls Online

Casual MMO

RPG with several players, The Elder Scrolls Online. Let me clarify that: it’s Skyrim online. You may play a large adventure with hundreds of other players in a persistent universe. And your character may still be distinctive: you can select from 10 races, six classes, and three skill trees per race. If you need to be aware, it offers the essential elements of a traditional role-playing game. You may gather resources, steal, explore, dungeon crawl, fight, join guilds, pursue questlines, make gear, and more. None of these activities are required; you may do whatever you like, and it’s always fun and fulfilling.

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“Skyrim Online” is easy to learn, doesn’t penalize players, and offers plenty of loot and rewards. In addition, there are new missions, areas to explore, new gear, and activities everywhere. Finally, the game allows players to travel together regardless of their relative levels, so their friends won’t abandon them. The Elder Scrolls Online is ideal for weekend warriors seeking a high-quality online role-playing game experience. The award-winning book is voluminous, expansive, and full of inviting experiences. You may play the main story in any sequence and from any part of the Tamriel universe.

4. Trove

Casual MMO

Trove is a free action sandbox MMO akin to games like Terraria and Minecraft. This indicates that it is a funny cube-art game offering many dungeon-crawling experiences. You pick one of five “Cubular” classes, master its skills, and gear up. The content of sweat and sweat loot depends on exploring boundless worlds and dungeons.

Dungeon-crawling in Trove is straightforward, entertaining, and fun. These are sufficient reasons to pick the game but are not the only features. You may gather materials with your friends and construct worlds ranging from shacks to domes and flying castles. Trove feels like Minecraft Dungeons meets Minecraft. You can construct anything (structures and gear), uncover absurd quantities of loot, and explore immensely distinct regions. There is a large audience for these games, and you may be interested in the genre.

5. Final Fantasy XIV

Casual MMO

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It’s a Final Fantasy online game. It includes JRPG mechanics, beautiful storytelling, and colorful characters. On top of that, there are 14 classes or “jobs” and eight visually distinct classes. Your decision is based on personal preference, not meta responsibilities. There are several additional optional activities besides battle, quests, and exploration. They include crafting, gearing, leveling, treasure seeking, daily quests, gathering materials, challenges, and cuddly Chocobos.

FFXIV is so good and casual that I had to include it, even though I would reject most subscription-based MMOs. With a linear growth system, this game holds your hand and guides you step by step. You’ll observe how the story and the character development throughout a little session. I strongly recommend it to Final Fantasy lovers and people searching for an alternative to heavier games like WoW. If you can afford the additional service price, it is well worth it. FFXIV is excellent.

6. Neverwinter

Free Action MMORPG Neverwinter. The Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game serves as the inspiration for this game. As such, it is a sandbox, classic role-playing game that lets you complete its epic story in various ways. The game is about exploring and safeguarding the world from terrible monsters. Dungeons & Dragons fans will recognize the storylines, characters, settings, classes, and protagonists. Due to this, gameplay focuses on action fighting requiring dodges, blocks, strikes, and powers. That is the only substantial grind mechanic.

The game tends to direct your progression. It demonstrates its mechanics transparently and guides you to evident pathways and objectives. Even though the game has a lot of depth, the gameplay consists of shorter instances that you may complete in around 20 minutes. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons should surely pick up this free treasure. Likewise, those people searching for a game where they may complete things rapidly may enjoy Neverwinter. And if you have the time, there is much more to enjoy and explore than meets the eye.

7. Warframe

Warframe is a free MMO shooter-looter RPG. If you have limited time to play, I urge you to avoid Warframe. Enter with accountability. So, the game involves selecting a mechanical exosuit (a Warframe) to explore a vast galaxy. You improve your Warframe, level up, shoot, hack, detonate, and loot everywhere.

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Despite its small size, it offers objectives you may complete in thirty minutes or less. There is always something to do, so you can go in, play during your limited leisure, and enjoy wonderful rewards. Moreover, it is one of the most played MMORPGs of all time. Although having existed for many years, it has one of its largest player bases. As a result, I recommend it to people who want a casual yet profound online RPG to play with friends. It’s full of options, talents, tales, activities, and aliens to destroy.

8. Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Old Republic is the exclusive Star Wars MMORPG experience, not to be confused with Knights of the Old Republic. It is also free and comparable to KOTOR. Yet, I must caution: do not let the trailers mislead you. The game does not resemble the advertising materials. You play the story arc associated with the class and faction you pick. You make decisions along the route that may or may not affect your friends and overall results. It plays like a traditional MMORPG with an action bar, levels, and a tonne of skills.

Because of the story it offers, The Old Republic was an easy pick. While the game is not requiring you to grind, you can complete brief missions to see memorable character moments and events. As a result, it offers superb single-player play, reminiscent of Bioware’s heyday. I recommend it to players searching for a terrific Star Wars story. Fans of KOTOR will particularly enjoy the game. Lastly, the free package contains the original game and two expansions, a substantial amount of content. In addition, you would need to subscribe to three extra DLCs.

9. Star Trek Online

In the Star Trek world, Star Trek Online is a free MMO. You play as a spaceship commander to explore a galaxy full of mysteries, worlds, life, and civilizations. STO focuses on brief, 30-minute operations in isolated regions. You’ll encounter entertaining stories, locales, and more information along the journey. So, you will spend most of your time exploring and battling on your ship or foot. In particular, foot fighting resembles a turn-based game with futuristic weapons: you stand there, select your skills, and wait to attack again.

We selected it because of the exceptional storytelling the game offers. As a member of Star Trek factions, you may also customize your captain and ship. Federation, Romulan Republic, Klingon Defense Force, and Jem’hadar are examples. We strongly recommend it to Star Trek fans or people with some familiarity with the franchise. It has no grind mechanics, is non-addictive, and is easy to play. The ideal casual sci-fi MMO.

10. Phantasy Star Online 2

As casual as MMOs may be, SEGA’s Phantasy Star Online 2 is. It’s a free online action JRPG with rapid fighting, stunning visuals, and fun adventures. It’s entirely about solo or cooperative PvE throughout raids, dungeons, and quests; there’s no competitive experience here. The eagerly anticipated sequel premiered to tremendous fanfare and popular acclaim. It offers a 3D action-adventure experience with anime characters in a mystical setting.

We included the game due to its easy controls, stunning visuals, free pricing, and outstanding performance. In addition, it offers extensive character customization options, a fun skill system, and easy-to-find gear. As a result, PSO 2 is an excellent option for individuals who like to fully customize their action anime character, including facial expressions. On top of that, the mechanics are entertaining, the story is compelling, and the combat action is well-known. Nonetheless, the play base for the game has been falling throughout 2021.


This is the list of the best Casual MMO that you can play. Please let us know if you know of Casual MMO.

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