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Clear App Cache Without Deleting App? How To Fix

This post explains how to easily clear the app cache without deleting the app. I will describe how to clear the app cache on iOS and Android operating systems. While the Android operating system does not have a specific phrase for clearing the app cache, the iOS term is offloading. When you clear the app cache, any temporary app-related data saved in the cache will be deleted. The app may malfunction when temporary data remains in the cache for an extended time. When you start using the app after the cache has been updated, temporary information begins to accumulate within the cache.

How To Fix Clear App Cache Without Deleting App?

Before I demonstrate how to easily clear the app cache without deleting the app, I’d want to answer a frequently asked question. Does uninstalling or deleting the app from the device completely clear the app cache? Yes, however, you will not be able to use the app after removing it from your device. Also, you may deem one or more apps indispensable and need help to delete them. Therefore, the iOS app offloading procedure and the Android app cache clearing method.

Clear App Cache On Android Without Deleting App

Well, if you’re using the most recent version of the Android operating system, you may clear the app cache for any app through its settings. Otherwise, you may open the individual app settings in the device settings to clear the cache. You have two options available. The first option is to clear the app cache, while the second is to delete the app data.

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1 – Long-press any app whose cache you wish to clear.

2 – A little menu will appear alongside the app. Tap the App Info option.

3 – Within the App Info section, scroll to Storage & Cache. Tap on it.

4 – Then, tap Clear Cache to update the temporary information saved in the app cache.

Clear App Cache Without Deleting App

Steps To Offloading An App On iPhone Or iOS

Take your iPhone, and let’s begin unloading and clearing the app’s cache. When you uninstall an app, the storage space used by that app is released. Nonetheless, some app data remains untouched. It is retained in the system.

1 – Unlock the iPhone. 

2 – Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Clear App Cache Without Deleting App

3 – You will be routed to your iPhone’s list of installed apps.

4 – Tap any app that you wish to uninstall.

5 – Tap the Offload App option now.

6 – When the confirmation pop-up comes again, tap the Offload App button.

Clear App Cache Without Deleting App

You will see app size statistics in great detail on this app offload screen. In addition, the storage occupied by the documents and app will be mentioned. You can repeat the steps above for all iPhone apps. If you have an iPad, the same steps will apply. Remember to reload the app to resume using it after clearing the app cache.

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The Bottom Line:

This concludes the instruction on how to clear the app cache without deleting the app. If some aspects of an app are not working, you should clear the app’s cache. That will fix the app’s problems.

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