csgo callouts dust 2 (Map Guide) 2022

Many friends are not familiar with the map of dust 2 in csgo, so do you want to see the most detailed csgo callouts dust 2?

csgo dust 2 has long been one of the most popular maps. In dust 2, you are more familiar with this map than your opponents. Likewise, this is the key to triumph. Learning the labels of dust 2 will assist you and your teammates in achieving ideal cooperation. So, in csgo dust 2, how do you use callouts? Visit for additional information on csgo callouts dust 2.

csgo dust 2 how to use callouts

Why use callouts

If you want to better your csgo game, you must learn the correct markings on the map. There are numerous annotations on the Dust 2 map, but the most significant and frequently used annotations are listed here. Your top priority, regardless of your rank, is to comprehend these notations to communicate more effectively with your teammates during the game; the better you communicate with your teammates, the bigger your advantage over the adversary.

On the map, some smaller markers are also significant. For example, the area near long A is called a car because a car has been placed there, along with numerous other historical markers. A bomb spot gun In honor of Minh “gooseman” Le, one of the founders of the Counter-Strike mod, the region beyond the tube is known as the goose, and Valve has painted a goose on the neighboring wall.

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CS:GO Dust 2 Callouts also features labels that are based on the player’s experience, such as Suicide, an alley between mid and T-spawn, which is so named because if you choose to walk there at the beginning of a game round, you have a high chance of being sniped like that which ends in death.

How to use csgo callouts dust 2

If you want to lure adversaries to specific spots on the Dust 2 map and kill them, the most crucial factor is the information you supply to your colleagues. Accurate labels might confuse teammates and lead them to the correct map area, resulting in missed opportunities. For example, if you hear someone at B but are unsure if he is in the car or at the door, it is safest to state that you heard someone at B.

Several identically-named on the csgo callouts dust 2 map. A Both site and B site feature a position called a car; if you spot an opponent in one of these locations, please specify which car it is to your colleagues. The distinction between A and B cars affects the battle situation differently.

A second illustration is a region such as the B tunnel. Most people will refer to this entire region as a tunnel, yet this is insufficient. It would help if you determined whether the opponent is in the top or bottom tunnel. This position is more precise and short. Additionally, there is a significant difference between a precise and an approximate location.

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If you and your teammates know how to use these callouts dust 2, you will be able to communicate where your opponents are and react swiftly to their actions, which is essential for gaining an advantage.

If you want to learn more about csgo dust 2 and how to use callouts, if you want to know more about dust 2 callouts in CS:GO, please visit They will provide gamers with a wealth of csgo knowledge and the most comprehensive game guide articles.

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