What is Dab Me Up Meme? What Does The Phrase Meaning?

This custom-drawn emoji depicts a golden tooth grinning at the camera and reaching up one hand as if to dab someone up, along with the caption “dab me up.” Like the Dap Me Up meme, the Dab Me Up Emoji features a smiley with a golden tooth and a raised hand as if he were about to dab someone.

Due to the image’s popularity on Twitter, many movies and photoshops were developed, including variations of related emojis: most notably, one showing the original being about to be painted over and another with the two painting each other over. These emoticons originate from mobile apps like Mafia City.

The Origin of dab me up

The Mafia City art team designed it as the “Stronger Than You” emote, which was used to harass other players in-game (see emoji below). As of January 2019, the emote has a page on the Mafia City Wiki[16].

ME.ME[17] collected an image macro comprising a screenshot of the emoticon used in the Mafia City conversation on January 7, 2019. “Imagining vaccinating your children” was an emote uploaded by Redditor u/richmrandom on /r/comedyheaven[18] on January 27, 2020, in reaction to the anti-vax Facebook page. It received over 63,000 upvotes in a year (see below).

“Dab Me Up”

The reaction to the emoticon quickly swept across Discord. @DoubleJTheG sent a hazy image on Twitter on January 25, 2021, with the text “Dab me up” and a hand emoji underneath. The original photographer of the photograph is unknown.


The Dab Me Up meme includes an emoji with a golden tooth. On right side of the face is what appears to be a yellow hand poised to dab.

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In 2015, the dab became a common hand gesture among young people, consisting of one arm held above the head while the wrist held down the other.

What additional meaning does the term ‘dab me up’ have?


Dab Me Up Meaning: As you surely know, “dab me up” derives from the slang phrase “dap me up.” So if they ask you to “dap” them, they request a sexual act.

A ‘dap’ is typically a cordial greeting that can take the form of handshake, pound embrace, fist bump, or chest bump.

Recently, the phrase ‘dab me up’ has replaced ‘dab me’ when referring to dabbin’ as a means of introduction.


The terms “dabbing” and “dapping me up” have been defined; nevertheless, where did this meme originate? It is unknown who invented the meme, but individuals frequently use it to communicate online.

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In January 2021, a YouTuber named DoubleJTheG shared a video of himself spamming an Instagram group chat with the phrase “dap me up” until he was thrown off.

Over past few months, the video has gone viral online.

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What does DAB me up mean in slang?

“Dab me up“: grab me up, grab my arm, and pull me out by squeezing a single finger. Again, the urban Dictionary provided us with this definition.

What does it mean when a guy dabs you up?

Since 2015, ‘dabbing’ (dancing) has grown popular among young people in the United States. It has become a joyful or lighthearted gesture. But, unfortunately, the motion is akin to sneezing into one’s elbow.

What does getting Dapped up mean?

Handshakes (typically with the thumbs interlocked), fist bumps, hugs, and fist pounding are all common ways to convey dap. Black soldiers employed this strategy during the Vietnam War and dubbed it Black Power; the word has been in use since 1969.

Why do guys DAP?

In African-American culture, the dap has come to represent strength and solidarity. The abbreviation DAP represents “dignity and pride.” Dap is no longer merely a greeting. Over time, it evolved into a language that enabled individuals to articulate their ideals, identities, and culture.

What does DAB mean on Snapchat?

We are not obliged to thank you now – DAB means “Digital Audio Broadcasting.”

What is DAP Urban Dictionary?

Last year, the website was used in courtrooms to define iron (‘handgun’). Catfishing refers to internet predators who construct online personas. The dap (a greeting that involves knocking fists together) and the grenade (a girl always found with a group of hotties).

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