21 Best Games Like Counter-Strike For PC That You Can Play

Today’s article is regarding Games Like Counter-Strike For PC That You Can Play in 2021. Well, CS GO, or Counter-Strike Global Offensive, is the most recent game released by the developers. Since its inception, the Counter-Strike series has been the best in the FPS genre. The game has proven that you can have fun while playing a first-person shooting game for PC, even if you don’t have any graphics. The new Global Offensive version hasn’t changed much, but it’s still a fantastic game. The only disadvantage of these games is that there are no new maps or weapons to discover, unlike other games. In addition, it keeps revolving around the same themes, which can become tedious over time.

While most gamers seek out new and interesting gameplay in which they must engage and devise new strategies in order to win. So, here is our list of the 21 best games similar to Counter-Strike that you can play to improve your gameplay.

21 Best Games like Counter-Strike For PC

Shooting games like Counter-Strike for PC have always been at the top of gamers’ priority lists, but the majority of them fail to identify the best Counter-Strike alternative, which is why we wrote this article. All of the Games Like Counter-Strike, and their details can be found below.


1. Arma 3

Games Like Counter-Strike

Well, Arma 3 is a game similar to Counter-Strike in terms of realism and tactical gameplay. In 2015, the game was released. Since then, it has received continuous updates, and the number of downloads and purchases has increased. Its consistent updates are what keep the community loyal and attract new players.

The game necessitates timing and precision in order to get kills and win the match. Similar to PUBG, you will face enemies in an open world. However, when it comes to finding and killing other players, the game is entertaining. Therefore, we strongly advise you to play this Counter-Strike alternative game.

2. Borderlands 2

Games Like Counter-Strike

It is primarily a first-person shooter, but it incorporates elements of role-playing games, such as the ability to skin your character. Borderlands 2 improves on what was already enjoyable in Borderlands 1. Things like the narratives, loot, and fluidity were all improved in this sequel. The loot is a key feature of this first-person shooter game. You just can’t get enough of it. The loot is mostly made up of guns, which isn’t a bad thing because you’ll be looking for new ways to kill, conquer, and enjoy the loot almost all of the time.

Another feature worth mentioning is the game’s class skill customization. The game has four different classes, each of which works in a different way than the others. The classes can be further customized to each player’s preferences, but the primary function remains the same. We strongly advise you to play this game similar to Counter-Strike.

3. Overwatch

Games Like Counter-Strike

Overwatch is one of the free games like Counter-Strike. It is very popular for its gameplay because it lacks realism. The game has unique yet interesting gameplay in which you get to choose which character you want to play as. Every character has a unique set of abilities and attributes that can help you play the game in a way that suits your gaming style.

You would have to play with your teammates, just like in Counter-Strike, and each teammate can have a different character. You’d have to compete against other teams and stay alive until the mission was completed or your opponents were killed. It has excellent graphics, which you won’t find in Counter-Strike.

4. Gears 5

Games Like Counter-Strike

Gears 5 is the next free game like Counter-Strike on our list. It is similar to Counter-Strike in terms of multiplayer team modes. However, when compared to Counter-Strike, it has better graphics and colors. When played in 4K HDR, it looks fantastic. The gameplay, on the other hand, is even better than in Counter-Strike because you get to experience new things. Robots and Jack are the main game-changers.

The game has also received a search and destroy mode, which many gamers enjoy. It is also available for the Xbox X series, and it has been upgrading and pushing the boundaries to provide the best gaming experience possible.

5. Left 4 Dead 2

Games Like Counter-Strike

Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to Left 4 Dead, and it is a far better and more complete game than the first. It includes five full and more interactive campaigns, several tweaks and settings to tinker with, more modes, and an overall improvement over the first game. The game emphasizes team-based combat against the infected. Here, The game is set in a zombie apocalypse, where a group of people must collaborate in order to survive. Further, The game forces you to collaborate in order to defeat your opponents. All team members must be in constant communication with one another, notifying everyone of any movement.

Maybe this game’s most interesting aspect is the artificial intelligence that controls it. The Director is the name given to this AI. The Director modifies the gameplay based on the player’s abilities. For instance, if a player becomes stuck somewhere, the Director can alter the path to make it easier. Similarly, herds of zombies can appear out of nowhere to ambush the player and make the game more difficult if the player is getting too far ahead. In our opinion, you should try this game like Counter-Strike.

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Games Like Counter-Strike

Call of Duty is a popular game among mobile and PC gamers. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys hostage situations, espionage, and first-person gameplay. The game has a large community that other players can use to get help and tips from other players. Those who have played Counter-Strike will recognize the game but with improved graphics.

This Counter-Strike alternative takes time because other advanced players are aware of the timings and location. Therefore, you must practice in order to level up and compete with them. The game also has a mobile version that you can play regardless of where you are. Overall, this is the best PC game you can play.

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7. Evolve

Games Like Counter-Strike

Evolve is a game like Counter-Strike for PC in which you must rely on a team because the two teams will be divided into hunters and monsters. That is the only resemblance you will notice between the two games. Aside from that, everything is new because the graphics and gameplay are based on a different storyline. Characters in the game have various abilities and techniques.

You can choose between being a medic, an assaulter, a trapper, or a support class. Also, The game’s difficulty level is much higher, and any Counter-Strike player will enjoy competing against high-level players. Power would have to be used with tact and precision in this situation.

8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Games Like Counter-Strike

This is yet another fantastic shooter game that combines the first-person and role-playing genres. This game like Counter-Strike, lacks a proper combat multiplayer mode, but that does not mean it is unworthy of your attention. This Deus Ex iteration is set in Prague and features a beautifully designed map and gadgets.

Further, The game requires you to participate in multiple part quests, with a well-thought-out plot that ties the entire game together. In addition, this game features a plethora of new experimental augments that can be attached to the protagonist, a cyborg. This story, combined with the interactive gameplay, elevates this iteration to the top of the list.

9. Escape From Tarkov

Games Like Counter-Strike

This is a one-of-a-kind entry on the list of Counter-Strike alternatives because the game has not yet been released. However, you can pre-order it to gain access to the beta version. The beta version is now available, and some players have already tried it. The beta version is also excellent because it gives the impression that you are playing a finished game.

To escape the location, this game like Counter-Strike, requires tactics and shooting practice. It has a lot of MMO-inspired features that you might like. Because this game requires a lot of practice, it is best suited for professionals. You can save your progress in between and pick up where you left off later.

10. Valorant

Games Like Counter-Strike

Following the release of this Counter-Strike alternative, many top players from Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive left their respective games to join Valorant. When compared to Counter-Strike, the gameplay of this game is much faster because you only have a small map to fight on.

This Counter-Strike alternative has great graphics but a simple appearance. You can select a character to play with, and each character has a unique set of abilities. Along with power, each weapon is unique, allowing you to easily select a character based on your gaming preferences.

11. Titanfall 2

Games Like Counter-Strike

Titanfall 2 is set on the planet Typhoon, and the main characters are a human and BT-7274, a Vanguard-class Titan. The single-player story is divided into nine chapters that cover everything from massive factories to natural forests while showcasing the game’s beautiful designs. Titanfall 2 combines traditional shooter mechanics with breathtaking new puzzles and mazes.

The player is expected to combine his or her acquired skills in order to complete a variety of courses. For example, using cranes to maneuver or jumping from wall to wall. To keep the game fresh, different mechanics are introduced with each passing course. The game’s single-player mode is not the only mode available. It also has a well-designed multiplayer mode with various Titans to use and battle against. You should try this game like Counter-Strike.

12. Squad

Games Like Counter-Strike

The squad is a Counter-Strike alternative that provides a tactical shooting game experience. Both critics and fans have given the game-high marks. In the game, you can choose from over 20 maps and 7 factions. It has 100 players, which makes it both interesting and difficult, as you must remain alert at all times.

What makes this game unique and interesting is that you have a fan base that insists on speaking up. While on the field, the military-style commands provide a great feel and role-playing experience. It has excellent graphics, making it an even better choice. You definitely should try this game like Counter-Strike, in our opinion.

13. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Games Like Counter-Strike

Next on our list of games like Counter-Strike for PC is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. This game is very similar to Counter-Strike in that you must rely on your teammates to complete objectives. However, the graphics are what make it the best game like CS GO. It is based on a true story, and the graphics support it.

This Counter-Strike alternative appeared on the market after Counter-Strike, implying that it would have better graphics and gameplay. Both games have been fierce rivals, but with more updates and add-ons, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is gaining ground.

14. Doom

Games Like Counter-Strike

Doom is possibly the oldest game in the Counter-Strike format, and it was finally updated with HD graphics in 2016. For those who are unfamiliar with Doom, it is a fantastic first-person shooter with an unusual campaign mode that follows one rule: if it moves, it dies. That is the main character’s – the doom guys – philosophy. Here, The game is set on Mars, and the goal is to kill the demons with as little ammo as possible. There are health pickups scattered throughout the maps to assist with the increasing difficulty.

As an fps game, it has a unique way of killing that may not be as common in first-person shooters – the option to rip off demon limbs and beat them with them, which adds to the game’s excitement. The game has a multiplayer mode, but it is the campaign mode that distinguishes it.

15. Paladins

Games Like Counter-Strike

This is another excellent game with appealing graphics that you might enjoy. Despite the fact that it is not based on a true story, the character will have supernatural abilities. Despite being a free game, it provides a paid game-like experience with a large number of experienced players and fierce competition.

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You, like Valorant, must select a character who fits your gaming style. Each character has unique special abilities that you can use to defeat your opponents. With the power available, the graphics of the game make it look better. You’d love this game because the majority of Counter-Strike players voted Paladins as the best game like Counter-Strike.

16. Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 may be a little dated, but the gameplay and story make it a joy to play. The game has an extremely well-thought-out story with captivating visuals and dialogue. The game picks up right where the first one left off, so we recommend playing the first Half-Life as well. Further, The game is controlled by AI, which provides life-like aggression and reactions from your surroundings, making the game even more enjoyable.

Unlike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this game focuses on a single-player mode with numerous twists and turns, but it, too, offers a fun way to explore the world – shooting your opponents. These games are so enjoyable to play because of the shared experience. Therefore, we strongly advise you to play this game like Counter-Strike.

17. Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 tells a unique story in which a young woman becomes trapped in the main character’s (male) body, and the goal is to free her. The gameplay is similar to that of Doom in that in order to progress; you must kill a number of demons and robots. Aside from the characters’ banter, one of the game’s highlights is the variety of maps. You can expect to be anywhere from Japanese gardens to urban cities, with the transition feeling natural rather than abrupt.

The game features fast-paced action that requires you to quickly switch between weapons that can be upgraded with skill points. In our opinion, you should try this game like Counter-Strike.

18. BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is yet another sci-fi shooter with fantastic gameplay. The game takes place in a fictitious city called Columbia in the early 1900s. It is a traveling city that travels using balloons, propellers, and other similar modes of transportation. The game has an open-world setting and allows you to explore the mysterious flying city while looking for the woman who has been captured and kept here.

The game features stunning cinematic scenes as well as a plethora of weapons. Also, The guns and weapons are traditional rather than magical, but the main character gains magical abilities as the story progresses. The plot has a few holes, but the cinematics and overall gameplay make up for it. You should give this Counter-Strike alternative a shot.

19. Killing Floor 2

This list may appear to be a list of sequels, but it is not. The Killing Floor 2 is a fun co-op game that tries and succeeds at being daring. It has aggressive enemies, fast-paced action, and various classes. The game has two online modes and ten classes, each with their own set of benefits. The combination of these classes determines whether you succeed or fail. Also, The more you play, the more abilities you unlock, which keeps the game interesting even after hours of play.

The game’s Versus Survival mode is where things get difficult. Humans and Zeds are the two teams of players. In the games, Zeds are creatures that would-be enemies in the other mode. Making havoc and shooting these monsters makes for a fun game. We strongly recommend that you to play this game like Counter-Strike.

20. Crysis 3

Crysis 3 begins in New York City, 24 years after Crysis 2. This time around, the game focuses heavily on story, with impressive gameplay to back it up. The plot revolves around the conflict between the CELL Corporation and the alien Alpha Ceph. The main character wears a nano suit with impressive abilities, which aids him in defeating any opponents he may face. The gameplay is fast and enjoyable, with the emphasis on killing and slaughtering anyone who gets in your way.

The game incorporates RPG-style gameplay as well as other elements to make it more enjoyable. The nano suit, for example, can be used to hack objects. The single-player mode is the game’s star, but the multiplayer mode is no slouch either, offering an impressive gameplay experience similar to Call of Duty’s multiplayer mode. In our opinion, you should try this game like Counter-Strike.

21. Dying Light

Well, Dying Light is set in a post-apocalyptic world with an open world, but it is not depressing in the least. The environment is a vibrant wasteland in which everything can be interacted with. The game is extremely difficult to play at first because the zombies easily destroy you. However, as you progress, a skill set develops, making zombies toys to experiment with.

The game allows you to kill the zombies in various ways, including slicing and blasting them. Aside from that, the game provides a first-person parkour experience. The Game Like Counter-Strike also includes a massive single-player mode as well as a fun co-op mode in which one player is a zombie, and the rest are survivors.

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The Best Games Like Counter-Strike to Play:

All you need as gamers are new maps and weapons to make the game more interesting. The games like Counter-Strike for PC mentioned above can be excellent because they all provide an FPS shooting experience with improved graphics and gameplay. Some of the games even feature novel gameplay that you may encounter for the first time. So that’s it for this article; we hope we’ve provided useful information about the best games like Counter-Strike. Tell us which game you enjoyed the most and what offer wowed you. Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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