6 Best Kindle Alternatives You Should Consider Purchasing

This article is regarding Kindle Alternatives 2021 that you can buy. The term “Kindle” has become synonymous with e-readers. In fact, the term “e-reader” is becoming obsolete as people refer to these devices like Kindles. That shows how popular Amazon’s e-readers are. While the Kindle devices are widely regarded as the best available, they are not the only e-readers on the market. So, if you’re looking for a Kindle alternatives due to factors such as high price or a desire for additional features such as water resistance, there are a few excellent options to consider. Let’s dive right into the best Kindle alternatives 2021!

Which Kindle Is Best? 6 Best Kindle Alternatives You Should Buy

The following are some of the best Kindle alternatives 2021.


1. BOOX Nova 3

Kindle Alternatives
The pressure-sensitive touchscreen and included stylus distinguish the BOOX Nova 3 from other Kindle alternatives. Yes, you can not only read your favorite books on the large 7.8-inch display, but you can mark up, take notes, and write on almost anything. This best kindle can be a game changer for college students looking to save money on physical textbooks from semester to semester. Speaking of game changers, front-lit displays emit less blue light than backlit displays, so if you read at night, your eyes and sleep patterns will be unaffected.

2. Kobo Aura

Kindle Alternatives
It’s a little older and, sadly, a little more expensive. However, it is a solid e-reader that shares many of the same features as the Clara HD 6, such as a sharp-looking 300 ppi screen and 8GB of RAM. The 7.6-inch screen is larger than Clara’s, and it’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about a spill ruining your vacation. The Kobo Auro is a great Kindle alternatives if you prefer a larger display and the security of a waterproof e-reader.

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3. ReMarkable 2

Kindle Alternatives
The Remarkable 2 tablet is remarkable in a variety of ways. You can do a lot with this impressive tablet, from taking notes on virtually any PDF to converting handwritten notes to text. In a pinch, it can function as an e-reader. Keep in mind that it is best suited for note-taking and work-related tasks, but it is also compatible with PDF and ePUB formats, so you can read books on the reMarkable 2 tablets. If you’re looking for just an e-reader, look elsewhere, but if you want to maximize the ReMarkable 2 tablet’s utility while also having the ability to read a book here and there, this is an excellent option.

4. Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Plus

Kindle Alternatives
Although it lacks the fancy touchscreen capabilities of the Nova 3, bookworms will appreciate the large 7.8-inch display, long-lasting battery life, and ability to adjust the color temperature of the display. This includes a night mode that is gentle in the eyes of late-night readers. Alternatively, if you prefer to read outside or while on vacation, the GlowLight Plus is waterproof, so don’t be concerned about a little rain destroying your e-reader. If you prefer audiobooks, you can listen to them on the built-in speaker or with your favorite wireless earbuds.

5. Kobo Libra H20

The Kobo Libra H20 has the advantage of allowing you to read both vertically (portrait) and horizontally (landscape). The page-turn buttons are conveniently located and allow you to quickly turn the pages no matter how you hold the device. The color temperature of the 7-inch display can be adjusted manually to best suit your eye comfort, but the ComfortLight Pro screen automatically adjusts the brightness and temperature of the screen as the day progresses. It’s also waterproof, ideal for those who enjoy reading by the pool or on the beach.

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6. Kobo Forma

Those who prefer a large display, whether to increase the text size or see more words on the page, will appreciate the Kobo Forma’s large and glare-free 8.0-inch display. Like the Libra H20, it can be held in portrait or landscape mode, and the ergonomic design, as well as page-turn buttons, make using this Kindle alternatives comfortable in either mode. The ComfortLight Pro display, like the other Libra and Clara models, automatically adjusts the color temperature and brightness throughout the day to reduce eye strain. In addition, you can quickly add books and documents from your computer and Dropbox account to the e-reader with Dropbox support.

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Which Kindle Alternative Will You Purchase? Which Kindle Is Best

That concludes our list of the best Kindle alternatives available. We’d love to know which Kindle alternatives you intend to purchase. So, please share your thoughts on the best kindle in the section below.

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