10 Best Mixtiles Alternatives And Competitors 2023

Best Mixtiles Alternatives – 2023: Your images look great on your phone’s album or Instagram, but printing and displaying them on the wall of your living room makes them appear more real. The excellent news is that Mixtiles makes this possible.

I would compare Mixtiles to your Instagram feed in real life. This app enables you to post photos from Instagram, Facebook, or your phone. Next, you choose a frame and size, and Mixtiles prints your pictures.

Photos are printed on lightweight tiles by Mixtiles. The print quality is superior, and your photos are framed in either white or black. They are also beautiful without their frames. Interestingly, the images can adhere to the wall without nails or other hanging equipment. Additionally, the tiles are re-stickable.

The tiles are available in various styles, providing you with more possibilities. Additionally, Mixtiles offers free global shipping on printed images.

Despite these outstanding features, Mixtiles users desire more. Mixtiles, for instance, offers a smaller selection of products; it sells only tiles and no photo books, magnets, etc. In addition, the tiles are not intended for walls with a rough texture. Some users also found Mixtiles to be somewhat pricey.

Fortunately, better alternatives are in sight. This post will explore some of the most effective Mixtiles alternatives.

Best Mixtiles Alternatives

Here is the list of the popular and best Competitors in 2023.

1. Lalalab

Lalalab facilitates the printing of photos to preserve precious memories. With just a few taps, you can transform your memories into photo boxes, prints, posters, photo books, magnets, and more. Lalalab will deliver the items to your residence.

The app provides glossy or matte photo printouts of superior quality. However, classic, vintage, XL, square, and photobooth strips are all available. These prints are perfect for giving to a loved one, adorning your house, or commemorating a particular occasion.

Photo boxes from Lalalab are the perfect way to keep your treasured memories close. Their photo boxes hold up to 150 photos. The sizes of these photo boxes are Lala, Mini, Classic, and Biggie. They feature original, appealing designs.

Using Lalalab’s photo books, you may also convey your most unforgettable tales. Photo books, whether softcover or hardback, are perfect for perusing with friends or family.

There are portrait, square, small, and landscape formats available. Create a photo album with a few clicks to remember the most incredible events of your life.

Lalalab allows you to turn your smartphone images into wall prints within minutes. You can hang your photos over the fireplace, on the wall in the living area, in your dorm room, or on a desk.

The wall prints include calendars, square canvases, extra-large posters, framed prints, metallic wall prints, and framed prints.

Additionally, you can get magnet prints of your images. The shapes of the magnets include round, square, vintage, and heart. On these magnets, you can print birthday images, wedding photos, baby photos, and holiday photos.

Mixtiles does not offer photo albums or magnetic prints of your photos.

Lalalab is free to install on Android and iOS devices.

From the App Store, download Lalalab.

Get Lalalab on Google Play

2. Snapfish

Snapfish is a photo-printing app that can create picture presents, photo albums, and more.

It provides numerous ways to upload photos. You can upload photos from your smartphone or computer. The app’s free photo app allows you to view and share the submitted photos.

Snapfish allows you to upload images from Instagram, Facebook, and Google Photos. Follow the straightforward login procedures for each site and begin creating customized images.

Snapfish will only remove your photos if your account remains active. Instead of deleting images from your device to save space, upload them to this app and store them there. You can print them whenever you like.

Snapfish offers several wall art alternatives for printing photos. They consist of the following:

  • Acrylic prints
  • Photo tiles
  • Wooden photo panels
  • Canvas prints
  • Metallic prints
  • Framed (large) prints

Snapfish provides variable pricing based on print size. Standard prints begin at nine cents for every 4 x 6 print, square prints start at twenty cents per 4 x 4 print, and big prints begin at $9.99 per 11 x 14 print (unframed).

View the prices for different print sizes on their pricing page.

Snapfish allows you to order 100 free 4×6 prints per month for the next 12 months. After that, you solely pay shipping costs. Unfortunately, mixtiles does not provide any tiles for free.

This app is accessible for free on iOS and Android devices and via a desktop website.

Download Snapfish from the App Store

Get Snapfish on Google Play

3. Keepsake

It allows you to frame your favorite photos and deliver them to your home within a few days.

  • Keepsake is simple to use:
  • Choose your chosen photo.
  • Preview it in more than 100 frames.
  • Receive the photo a few days later in an appealing handmade frame.

Keepsake desires that you enjoy the items they bring to your door. As a result, they meticulously craft each frame. Each frame is crafted by hand in their studio using high-grade, hand-cut wood and under tight quality control.

Additionally, all print sizes are produced using high-end industrial printers, resulting in superior print quality.

Customers from the United States can access dozens of selections for under $30. It is enjoyable to view your shot via a multitude of frames. You will peruse many types, ranging from frames large enough to hang over a sofa or bed to tabletop frames.

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The Keepsake app allows for the creation of a gallery wall. You can include many types and sizes in your shopping basket and have the gallery wall of your dreams within a few days after placing your purchase.

I appreciate Keepsake because I can attach a free, amusing gift letter with my order. Unfortunately, on Mixtiles, I have yet to observe the same feature.

The Keepsake app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Download Keepsake on the App Store

Get Keepsake on Google Play

4. Shutterfly

Shutterfly is an alternative to Mixtiles that allows you to upload and print photos from your phone, Instagram, and Facebook. Additionally, you can design personalized gifts for a loved one.

Shutterfly is available for both the iPhone and Android. You will receive unlimited 4 x 4 and 4 x 6 prints if you install the app on your mobile device. However, you will pay for shipping charges.

The software on your phone is simple to use. Follow the steps below:

  • Select your best image
  • Click “Create Product.”
  • Browse the different products to add the photo
  • Tap a product to customize the photo size and composition. You can also click “Change Photo” at the bottom of the screen to replace a photo.
  • Click the “Add to Cart” button.
  • Check out or continue shopping.

Orders can be placed at any time and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Choose from 8 x 10 prints, 5 x 7 prints, 4 x 6 prints, and wallet prints with glossy or matte finishes. In addition, they have large-format prints.

Shutterfly offers a selection of delivery costs and speeds. Visit their best deals page for more information.

Shutterfly allows you to incorporate back-of-print messaging on your orders, a notable feature. Mixtiles need this capability.

In addition, Shutterfly allows you to make custom holiday cards, picture books, photo presents, home decor, calendars, and prints to preserve memories. You may also decorate your home with their personalized Christmas ornaments, photo tiles, and canvas prints.

Sending seasonal wishes to relatives and friends is simple with bespoke holiday and Christmas cards featuring your favorite photos.
Downloading and installing Shutterfly on your Android or iOS device is free.

Download Shutterfly from the App Store

Get Shutterfly on Google Play

5. SimplePrints Photo Books

SimplePrints Photo Books lets you transform your smartphone’s photos into photo books and wall art. The program facilitates the creation of canvas prints, photobooks, and metal prints.

Their purpose is to help you celebrate those fantastic moments. For instance, you can share the story of your family’s vacation in a photobook, present the best images from your wedding day on a canvas, or highlight your favorite landscape photos with a metal print from SimplePrints.

A few basic steps are required to use SimplePrints:

  • Import images from your mobile device, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram, among others.
  • Customize the pages
  • Share the digital copy with your friends online.
  • Create a photo album, canvas, or metal print.
  • Has it been delivered to your doorstep?

SimplePrints will ship your picture book, canvas print, or metal print to the address you gave at checkout once the printing is complete.

After the print has been dispatched, they will send a confirmation email with the package’s tracking number. Standard delivery typically delivers between 5 to 10 business days for U.S. consumers.

In contrast, international shipments can take up to three weeks due to customs processing delays. As a result, customers in Canada receive their orders between 11 to 15 business days.

SimplePrints’s shipping charges vary dependent on several variables, including weight, size, shipment method, and delivery location. On the checkout page, you can view shipping prices when making a purchase.

The beginning price for picture albums is $14.99, the beginning price for canvas prints is $69.99, and the beginning price for metal prints is $19.99.

SimplePrints Photo Books is superior to Mixtiles because it offers photobooks and metal prints, which the latter does not.

SimplePrints is available for free download for Android and iOS devices.

Download SimplePrints on the App Store

Get SimplePrints on Google Play

6. Print Studio

Print Studio is an alternative to Mixtiles, allowing you to print and send your Instagram and iPhone photos.

In their California print facility, they carefully print your photos. They are continually changing its product range, however at the time this article was written, it offered the following:

Prints – Large format prints, classic matte prints, and retro photo booth-type photo strips

Home décor – Rustic wood prints, lossy metal prints, framed prints ready to hang, and grid posters

Photo Books – Softcover & hardcover photo books

Stationery – Fun stickers, greeting cards for all occasions, adorable buttons, & quality magnets

Unique gifts – Novel giant photostrips, 365-day tear-away calendars, locally-sourced display items, and holiday ornaments

Print Studio is simple to use. Begin by selecting print products from their handpicked lineup. Next, select photos for printing from your Instagram account or mobile device.

That is it! Now, wait for your order to arrive and enjoy your lovely photos.

Prices at Print Studio vary depending on the product. Here you may view their product page and prices.

View their production and shipping website for additional information on the shipment. In addition, print Studio offers free U.S. delivery on orders of $60 or more.

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You may install the Print Studio app on your iOS device for free or place an order directly on their website.

Download Social Print Studio on the App Store.

7. FreePrints

FreePrints is a free photo printing app that delivers your phone’s stored images within days.

Requesting free prints is simple. First, use the app and select the images you wish to print from Facebook, your camera roll, Instagram, Photostream, and more. Next, choose the quantities you desire, and that’s all!

You will receive your free prints within a few days; only a minor shipping fee will be charged. However, you must additionally pay to have the prints enlarged to larger sizes, such as 5 x 5, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 11 x 14, 16 x 20, 20 x 30, etc.

You can order up to 85 free 4 x 6 photo prints from your mobile device. One thousand free 4 x 6 prints are provided annually. One print is permitted per photo.

You may also order additional sizes for a charge. Your images will be printed on superior matte photo paper or deluxe glossy paper by FreePrints.

There are no commitments or memberships with FreePrints. Standard shipping and handling rates begin at $1.99, regardless of purchase size.

FreePrints may be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Download FreePrints on the App Store

Get FreePrints on Google Play

8. PhotoSquared

PhotoSquared is the quickest method to print and create gorgeous wall art from your smartphone images. Select your photos on this app, and two to five days later, your PhotoSquares will be at your home.

The company uses contemporary in-printer technology to produce high-quality prints with foam-core backing. The final product is UV- and water-resistant.

PhotoSquared prints your photos on lightweight boards with a matte finish. These photo boards have a unique double-sided adhesive that adheres to practically all flat surfaces in the office, house, dorm room, boat cabin, seasonal displays, restaurant, and any other location where you wish to hang photos.

Before sending you your order, their experienced staff ensures that each photo is reproduced to the highest quality standards.

There are numerous categories of PhotoSquares, including landmarks, sports, flags, nature, flowers, and holidays. They are 8 by 8 inches in size.

Each square costs $9, less than the price per tile charged by Mixtiles. In addition, PhotoSquared provides free shipping on all orders.

PhotoSquared may be installed for free on iOS and Android devices.

Download PhotoSquared on the App Store

Get PhotoSquared on Google Play

9. Amazon Photos Prints

With Amazon Photos printing, you can produce gorgeous prints from your Amazon Photos library and deliver them to your door.

This service is only offered to United States clients.

Safari 7, Chrome 32, Firefox 33, and Internet Explorer 11 (or their most recent versions) are compatible with the Amazon Photos printmaker.

Amazon Photos does not support the file types PDF, GIF, AI, PSD, TIFF, and WEBP. It is also incapable of playing audio and video files.

You can upload photos in JPG/JPEG format, although not all JPG/JPEG file types are supported. For example, Amazon Photos only supports the sRGB and 8-bit RGB color spaces. Therefore, certain JPEG file types, such as JP2 and JPEG2000, are banned. Additionally, photos should be at most 150 MB in size.

Mixtiles are available in fewer options and sizes than Amazon Prints. Prints, big prints, canvas prints, photo mugs, collage prints, mousepads, photo books, double-sided greeting cards, wall calendars, and aluminum prints are available. Check this page for the many print sizes available.

Amazon ships your prints following production, which typically takes three days for most purchases. There are three delivery options available for Amazon Photos prints, and shipping fees may apply.

Amazon Prints only accepts credit cards, not Amazon gift cards, checking accounts, Amazon lines of credit, or prepaid cards.

To place an order for prints from Amazon Photos:

  • Visit
  • Sign in with your Amazon account
  • Choose the paper and size you want
  • Select photos from Amazon Photos
  • Choose the quantity to print

Amazon suggests ordering prints from a desktop computer, as mobile browsers provide a limited printing experience.

Go to Amazon Photos Prints.

10. MeshCanvas

MeshCanvas is yet another photo printing app that generates and delivers your favorite photos so that they can be affixed to the wall without using nails or screws.

You begin by selecting the desired print type. Next, upload your favorite photos via their mobile app or website. Finally, place your order and wait for the free delivery of your print.

MeshCanvas offers a wider selection of products than Mixtiles. MeshFrame, MeshBlock, MeshPanel, MeshCanvas, and MeshTile are the five items.

MeshCanvas ships exclusively within the United States, and shipping is always free. However, four to six days are required for the items to reach your doorstep.

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They accept PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards for payment.

The app is free for download and usage on iOS and Android smartphones.

Download MeshCanvas on the App Store

Get MeshCanvas on Google Play


FreePrints is the best Mixtiles alternative. They have great features that rival apps rarely possess. For example, they offer up to 85 free 4 x 6 prints per month or 1,000 per year.

You pay for additional items and size upgrades. Shipping expenses are also assessed. However, they are negligible regardless of order quantity.

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