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How To Fix Easily Not Registered On Network Error On Android?

Several error messages may show on your Android device. Yet, you may be curious about the Not Registered on Network error. The error indicates that your device cannot connect to your carrier and prevents voice calls, text messages, and other data connections. There are several possible solutions to this problem. For instance, you can attempt easy fixes such as resetting the phone’s settings or reinserting the SIM card. Additionally, you may need to access and reset your carrier settings. If you are experiencing issues with the Not Registered on Network error on Android, please follow the steps below.

Note:┬áThe procedures for the following options will differ slightly depending on your phone’s brand and Android version. However, these steps will direct you to the appropriate locations on your device.

Restart Phone

Restarting your Android device is one of the most basic fixes you can try. How you accomplish this will depend on the device’s model and Android version. With some phones, you may hold the Power button and select the Restart option by depressing the button. The Power and Volume Down keys must be held simultaneously for Samsung phones. When the screen with power options appears, hit the Restart button and wait for the restarting procedure to complete. Sign back in to check whether the error persists once the process has concluded.

Toggle Airplane Mode On And Off

You may also try activating the Airplane mode and then deactivating it. This will disconnect you from all active networks and create new ones. To toggle Android’s Airplane mode.

1 – Slide down from the screen’s top to access the Notification shade.

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2 – Find and tap the Airplane mode button to activate it, then turn it off 30 seconds later.

Not Registered On Network

Remove & Reseat SIM Card

A SIM card issue is another source of the Not Registered on Network error on Android. It may need to be properly linked or become loose during normal use. You must first access the SIM card slot. Employ the SIM card ejector tool if your phone has one; otherwise, a paperclip would suffice. Inserting it into the hole next to the SIM card will cause the card and tray to pop out. Wait a few seconds, then reinstall the SIM Card and tray into the SIM slot.

Update Android Device

Updating your phone is just as vital as updating your PC. The updates include bug fixes and security enhancements in addition to new functionality. For instance, if you are using an earlier version of Android, it is worthwhile to check for updates manually. For example, the “Not Registered on Network” error might be resolved by downloading a bug fix for Android or the device’s manufacturer. Check your phone’s Settings > System > System updates or something similar to determine how to check for available updates. On a Galaxy, for instance, it is Settings > Software update.

Not Registered On Network

Download and install any available updates, and once the procedure is complete, determine if the error persists.

Reset Network Settings On The Android

Your mobile device connects to many networks during the day. This mismatch might lead to an error if the network settings are incorrect. The good news is that Android instantly lets you reset your network settings. To reset Android’s network settings.

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1 – Open the phone’s Settings and choose the System option.

Not Registered On Network

2 – Locate and tap Reset options in the subsequent menu.

Not Registered On Network

3 – Select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, & Bluetooth from the Reset menu.

4 – Confirm that your SIM card is selected from the dropdown menu and tap the Reset settings option.

5 – When the verification screen opens, enter the PIN for your device and tap the Reset settings option.

Reset Network Settings On Samsung Devices

It is important to note that resetting network settings on a Samsung device are less intuitive. Verify the reset operation on a Samsung device by navigating to Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings.

Try New SIM Card

If you continue to experience issues with the Note Registered on Network error on your Android device, try a different SIM card. First, take the SIM card from your phone and replace it with a new one. If you don’t have a SIM card, contact your carrier, and they will send you a replacement. Alternatively, if a local retail location is nearby, visit it.

If the new SIM card works, the problem was with the old one, and you don’t want the one that doesn’t work anyway. On the other hand, if the new SIM does not function, the SIM slot may be damaged. Therefore, you will need to bring it in for repair.


In addition to the quick fixes above, you can manually choose your carrier or change the preferred network type from SIM & Network settings to solve a Not Registered on Network error on your Android phone.

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