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Overwatch 2 Not Launching? How To Fix

Overwatch 2 is a popular multiplayer first-game shooter. However, several players reported having difficulty launching the Overwatch 2 game. Check out this post for simple solutions to the Overwatch 2 launch problem if you’re among them.

How To Fix Overwatch 2 Not Launching?

Turn Off Xbox Game Bar

1 – To launch the Settings menu, use the Windows key + I on your keyboard.

2 – Choose Gaming.

Overwatch 2 Not Launching

3 – Deactivate the Xbox Game Bar setting, which allows you to engage with friends, record gameplay, and receive game invitations.

Overwatch 2 Not Launching

4 – I may disable the recording option while I’m playing a game by choosing the Captures tab.

Overwatch 2 Not Launching

Check if the problem persists after relaunching the game. If so, try the subsequent option.

Reset Game Options

In-game settings that contradict lead to Overwatch 2’s poor launch. By doing the steps below, you can reset them:

1 – Launch the application and select Overwatch 2.

2 – Choose the gear icon next to the Play button to access the game’s settings.

3 – Click Reset In-Game Options to confirm.

4 – After a while, click the Done button to conclude.

Run As Administrator & Turn Off Fullscreen Enhancements

Occasionally, your game may not receive the system’s full support and all available resources. This can be improved by beginning the game as an administrator. In addition, disabling fullscreen optimizations is a recognized approach for conserving system resources in Overwatch, which fixes the initial problem.

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1 – Choose Properties from the Overwatch 2.exe file’s context menu.

2 – Check the box next to Compatibility on the Compatibility tab. Execute this application in administrative mode.

3 – Check the box to disable fullscreen optimizations.

4 – To save changes, select Apply and then OK.

To test the issue, relaunch the game. If the first option fails, try the next one.

Examine For Updates

Drivers, operating systems, and games out of current might interfere with your ability to play smoothly. Therefore, we recommend updating all related components to update their impact. In addition, Windows occasionally offer updates to resolve issues preventing some programs from functioning correctly. For example, check whether a Windows update fixes the issue with the Overwatch 2 game not launching.

1 – Press Windows + I to open the Settings keyboard.

2 – Choose Update & Security.

3 – Click the button on the screen’s middle to check for updates.

You can easily download and install any available updates by following the instructions on-screen.

The Bottom Line:

This finishes our discussion on the launch of the Overwatch 2 issue. Do not hesitate to leave a note if you’ve any questions or problems.

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