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Best Ways To Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key

Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key: Screenshots can be handy for capturing a humorous moment during a Zoom call or saving a digital receipt.

Chromebooks are becoming the gadget of choice for an increasing number of us. Therefore, knowing how to snap a screenshot is crucial. Unfortunately, taking screenshots on a Chromebook is more complex than on other operating systems.

Using the Windows key is the most straightforward method. For example, you can take a full screenshot with Ctrl+Shift+Show Windows or a partial screenshot with Ctrl+Shift+Show Windows. But what if the Windows key on your Chromebook is broken or you don’t want to use it?

I’ve covered eight methods for taking Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key.

How To Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key

1. Use Quick Settings

Quick Settings is the easiest way to do so, whether you’re taking a full or partial screenshot.

To take a screenshot, enter Quick Settings by clicking the clock in the lower-right corner of the display. Then, to view the menu’s options, click on the menu itself.

You can then pick whether you want to capture the entire screen or just a portion. If you select the former, the whole screen will be captured; if you choose the latter, you can draw a box around the area you wish to capture.

When you click the screen capture button, you will be given the option to snap full-page, partial, or window screenshots.

2. Use Physical Buttons

Some Chromebooks include physical buttons (power and volume) that can take screenshots. These are often located on the keyboard or the device’s side, and some models have distinct keys for capturing a portion of the entire screen.

To take a Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key using this method, locate these buttons and press them simultaneously. Ensure that you press them for the correct period since certain models require you to hold them down for a few seconds before the screenshot is taken.

After taking a screenshot, it must be saved to the Downloads or Pictures folder. You can then preview the image by opening it.

This solution works on most Chromebooks and is quite simple to implement. However, you may need to research particular instructions for your model, as Chromebooks have varying button configurations.

If your Chromebook lacks physical buttons, you need not panic. On a Chromebook without a Windows key, there is still a multitude of options to capture screenshots.

3. Use Chrome Browser

Your Chrome browser will include a screenshot capture function if you own a Chromebook. It is helpful if you need the Windows key or wants a simpler screenshot capturing.

To use this tool, click the three dots in the upper-right corner of your Chrome browser window, select More tools>Developer tools, press and hold Ctrl + Shift + P, and then type “Screenshot.” After doing so, you will be presented with many screenshot selection alternatives.

Then, you can drag the cursor to highlight the area you wish to capture, release the mouse button, and your screenshot will be saved in your Downloads folder. This tool can also record a complete webpage or just a section.

It is useful for saving large web pages for later reference. The only disadvantage is that it may only be used within the Chrome browser.

4. Use the Stylus Pen

If your Chromebook is a touchscreen device with a stylus pen, you can also take screenshots with the stylus. Press the power button on your stylus and pick “Capture screenshot” from the menu to take a screenshot.

The stylus will capture a screenshot of your full screen and save it in JPEG format to your Downloads folder. The stylus pen may also be used to mark up and draw on screenshots, which can be helpful when working with annotated photos or diagrams.

It is an excellent method for taking screenshots on touchscreen Chromebooks, making the procedure quick and effective.

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5. Use an External Keyboard

It is also possible to snap a Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key using an external keyboard. For example, on a compatible keyboard, you may record your screen with a single click using the Ctrl + Shift + F5 or Ctrl + F5 keys.

Make sure the keyboard is connected correctly and functioning before attempting this procedure.

Make careful to consult the instruction manual or conduct an Internet search to see which key combinations can be used to capture a screenshot using an external keyboard.

Once you’ve found this out, pressing the appropriate key combination will automatically cause your Chromebook to save a screenshot of your screen. Even the frequency and type of screenshots can be customized.

In addition, an external keyboard might help produce lengthy texts or perform other jobs requiring accurate inputs. Therefore, if you frequently use a Chromebook, consider purchasing a compatible external keyboard. It will make all sorts of chores significantly simpler.

6. Use an Extension

Even without an external keyboard, it is possible to take a Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key by using an extension. Numerous plugins are available that make capturing screenshots simple and quick.

Install the desired extension and then launch it in the Chrome browser. You can select choices such as where to save the screenshot, what file format it should be in, and how frequently you want to capture screenshots.

Using an extension is a fantastic way to tailor your screenshot-taking experience and ensure that every screenshot is stored correctly.

It is also useful if you need to grab many screenshots or certain regions of the screen quickly. Therefore, an extension may be your best bet if you need a quick and simple way to capture screenshots on your Chromebook.

7. Google Assistant

You may not need to move to another app or download a third-party program using Google Assistant.

Say, “Ok, Google, take a screenshot,” and you’re done! The taken image will be saved in the Downloads folder.

Alternatively, you can say, “Ok, Google, take a screenshot and save it to…” followed by the desired location.

You must first enable Google Assistant before you can use this voice command. To do so, hit the Search key to access the Launcher, and then pick Settings. Next, locate Google Assistant in the left-hand menu and activate it.

Alternatively, you can enter the path below on your Google browser:


When using Google Assistant to capture a screenshot, your voice may require training. However, follow the instructions, and you will be fine.

8. Use Third-Party Software

Lastly, third-party apps can assist you in taking Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key.

These tools offer more functionality than the built-in techniques and enable you to customize your screenshot experience further.

Many of these tools, for instance, allow you to configure hotkeys for taking screenshots or editing them after they have been captured. They can also be used to capture certain regions of the screen, modify the screenshot’s resolution, and more.

It is an excellent choice for individuals who require greater control over their screenshots or want to capture several screenshots swiftly.

Consider using third-party software if you wish to take screenshots on a Chromebook in a simple and configurable manner.

Before downloading and installing an app, please ensure it is compatible with your device. Thus, you may rest confident that every screenshot you capture will be taken and saved accurately.

Best Screenshot Tools for Chromebook

If you discover that the Chromebook’s built-in screenshot tool is insufficient for your purposes, you may always rely on one of the¬†best screenshot tools for Chromebook¬†listed below.

1. Lightshot

Lightshot is an excellent tool for capturing high-quality Chromebook screenshots. It enables full-page, partial, and scrolling capture and basic annotation features for highlighting or drawing on the screenshot.

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In addition, you may publish your screenshot to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus easily. It is available as both a Chrome extension and a desktop app. Besides, it allows you to capture screenshots with a simple keyboard shortcut simply.

It is quick, simple, and free. With this add-on, you may grab any extension or web page with a single click. You may add text boxes, arrows, and shapes and obscure critical information.

2. Gyazo

Another excellent tool for capturing screenshots on a Chromebook is Gyazo. It is free and straightforward to use, making it ideal for individuals who are just beginning to take screenshots.

To use Gyazo, click the blue “Capture” button in the screen’s upper-right corner, or press Ctrl + Shift + G.

The image will be uploaded instantly to the Gyazo website, where it can be downloaded or saved to Google Drive. With a few clicks, you can also share your screenshots on the social network.

Additionally, Gyazo lets you draw or add text before saving screenshots.

It facilitates the process of annotating or highlighting an image. It can also blur out crucial portions of an image, which is useful when posting screenshots online.

In addition to creating GIFs, Gyazo is ideal for recording walkthroughs and tutorials. Press and hold the “Capture” button instead of clicking it to accomplish this. It will initiate a recording that can be stopped whenever an animation is to be captured.

3. ShareX

ShareX is an additional excellent method for taking screenshots on a Chromebook. This robust software enables you to capture whatever you require with just a few clicks. This app will save you time and effort when taking screenshots, capturing full web pages, or the entire screen.

ShareX also includes a variety of additional functions, such as picture editing, making it a perfect choice for people seeking a more robust app. In addition, with its user-friendly UI, you’ll be able to take the ideal screenshot every time.

ShareX can also record video or music from your Chromebook’s screen, which is a bonus.

It makes it an excellent tool for generating instructional movies and recording tutorials. In addition, it is free, so there is no need to worry about costs when using this app. ShareX is ideal if you’re seeking an all-inclusive solution for taking screenshots.

4. FireShot

FireShot is an excellent choice for Chromebook users who wish to take screenshots without using the Windows key.

It can capture a complete web page, even if it stretches beyond the viewable region of your screen and is lengthy. Then, before sharing your photographs with others or exporting the file to your computer, you can edit and annotate them with text, arrows, etc.

Install the FireShot extension from the Chrome Web Store, and then click its icon in the upper-right corner of your browser window to access all of its functions.

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You can save taken screenshots in formats such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF, among others. Additionally, it enables easy sharing of the final screenshot via email, social networks, or in-app messaging.


In conclusion, there are eight ways to take a Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key. Whether conducting research or capturing an image to share with friends and family, these techniques will help you complete the task efficiently and with minimal effort.

As we have discussed above, numerous third-party apps can assist you in capturing and editing screenshots if you require more extensive features.

Taking Screenshot On Chromebook Without Windows Key is now easier than ever, regardless of the technique you pick.

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