How To Login – Start To Finish Guide Login: Like other financial institutions, Citibank Online provides credit card services, with the Sears credit card being one of the most popular options at this specific bank. With this credit card, you can do a wide range of things, including online purchasing, paying your bills and statements, and even saving.

As a Sears credit card holder, Citibank Online offers a portal to check your account balances and manage your transactions quickly. Thanks to online services like this one, there’s no need to head to your neighborhood bank or ATM to check your balance. But before you can proceed to administer your credit card, there is a process you need to follow, from registering your card (if you still need to) to logging in. Or you may have lost access to your account and need assistance retrieving your crucial information. This guide, fortunately, contains all the information you need.

Requirements Needed

Before anything else, here is what you need to login to your account or register your card.

  • Any intelligent device with internet access, including a computer, laptop, mobile, or other device.
  • Whether it’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or another web browser of your choice.
  • Login information for a Sears card.
  • User ID and Password for the account are both legitimate. Login

How To Register New Sears Credit Card?

However, you must first register your Sears credit card before logging in to This section is exclusively relevant for Sears cardholders making their initial purchase. Those who have previously registered their card may need to include this step.

  • Type into your web browser.
  • Head to the dedicated registration page for Sears Credit Cards after selecting your preferred card type.
  • An additional “Register Your Card” button can be found beneath the “Sign On” button. You can then verify the credit card information by clicking that link.
  • Provide your credit card number, the 4 four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), the security code, and the name on the card. Following that, verify.
  • Enter all your other required personal information to register your card and finish the process.
  • Pick a User ID and Password for your account on Maintaining the confidentiality of these credentials is crucial to safeguard your credit card.
  • Please select the Security Question that you wish to answer. If you lose access, you must always remember your answer.
  • Select the type of service you need, then click Next.
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Your Sears credit card will be successfully registered to the website once these steps have been meticulously followed. In the future, you’ll be able to manage your Sears credit card and receive access to various assistance and information about it. Login

You can log into your account and use the available online services now that you have successfully registered your card. Adhere to these three straightforward steps, and you will be ready!

  • Reopen your web browser and navigate to, where the Login page is located.
  • Please enter the User ID and Password in their proper fields on the Login page.
  • By clicking the large “Sign On” button, you will be redirected to your account. Proceed as necessary after that.

Lost Access?

Sometimes, you can’t remember your login credentials and didn’t write them down somewhere secure. It transpires for most of us: refrain from self-criticism. In this case, we can still salvage the situation by endeavoring to retrieve your information. Fortunately, there is always an answer to most things in life. You can put your faith in these steps to get where you need to be.

  • In your web browser, navigate to and enter the official Sears card website—the same URL you used to login.
  • Two options are available below the Login form: Reset the password and retrieve the user ID.
  • Pick Reset Password if you forgot your password or Retrieve User ID if you can’t remember what username you used. Simple matters.
  • You’ll be redirected to a page requiring you to enter personal information, including the last four digits of your SSN, credit card number, and the name printed on your card, regardless of which option you select.
  • Proceed by selecting Verify.
  • Instead, adhere to the instructions that follow. After completing these steps, you should be able to retrieve your credentials and resume logging into your account as before.

Different Payment Methods

Undoubtedly, you have benefited from the advantages of a Sears credit card. However, to continue using the card, you also need to pay the bills; otherwise, they will accumulate and make life easier for you. Fortunately, paying your Sears credit card account can be accomplished in a variety of methods.

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You can pay your Sears card bills online using the Sears online portal, the most practical and convenient method. It would be best if you took the following actions.

  • Enter your Sears card information on the Login page.
  • As usual, enter and type in your login credentials to access your account.
  • Select the “Sears Bill Pay” option and click it.
  • Then, determine whether you wish to execute a full payment, a partial payment, or a payment scheduled to be made at a later date, just in case you forget.
  • Use the bank account associated with your Sears account to complete the transaction while making the payment.


You may also pay your credit card bills over the phone if you prefer to use something other than online payment methods. The Sears Credit Card Services staff will be able to support you every step of the way until you complete the payment. Following the prompts and instructions that follow the toll-free number dialing 800-917-7700, dial 800-917-7700. You may also request assistance from a customer service representative if you choose. Check out these alternative phone numbers if you have a different type of Sears card.

  • Shop Your Way Mastercard – 877-816-9063
  • Sears Mastercard – 800-669-8488


Taking things in an old-fashioned manner is also a viable option for Sears. The following addresses differ based on whether you wish to submit a standard mail or expedited payment. You only need to affix the coupon, money order, or check to the appropriate address to be successful. Login

In Person

You also have the option to make your credit card payment at the Sears location that is most convenient for you. This option proves practical in cases where a branch is near one’s residence or if one had premeditated to travel to the location regardless. Remember to bring your pay stub with you!

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

Hopefully, you were able to locate all the necessary information regarding your Sears credit card. Ultimately, remember to make timely payments on your bills. Please comply to avoid the imposition of fees, which may hurt one’s credit report.

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