10 Best Spotalike Alternatives 2023

Spotalike is the best free music discovery service that assists users in discovering new songs and artists based on their preferences.

Enter the title of your favorite song, and the app’s AI algorithm will provide a Spotify playlist including the closest match tracks. You can then add it to your Spotify library with a single click.

However, Spotalike has a few disadvantages.

For instance, the site contains a small percentage of the music available on other similar platforms. Too frequently, when searching for lesser-known gems, you are met with the statement, “We were unable to locate any songs similar to this one.”

Moreover, Spotalike’s algorithm is less accurate and reliable than one would hope. As a result, it may recommend songs similar to those you’ve already listened to but not to your liking.

In addition, the website could be more responsive. For example, it may take several minutes for search results to appear after entering a query.

Fortunately, there is a multitude of excellent music discovery services that can help you discover your new favorite band.

In this piece, I’ll provide an overview of the top Spotalike alternatives on market so you choose the one that best meets your demands.

Best Spotalike Alternatives

1. Shazam

Lets talk about the best Spotalike Alternatives 2023. Shazam is the best viable alternative. It is compatible with all major devices, including Mac and Windows desktops, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and Apple Watches.

You can also download it as a Chrome browser extension or use it within Snapchat to recognize music within the app, unlike Spotalike.

The best feature of Shazam is that it uses an audio-signal processing method that enables it to recognize music from TV shows, live concerts, clubs, or any other busy situation where it would be difficult for other apps to do so, even if the sound is distorted or unclear.

It is great if you hear a song you like on the radio or in a store but don’t know who sings it; open Shazam, and it will identify the music for you.

Shazam provides an abundance of additional features that enhance your listening experience in several ways. For instance, it does not simply display the track’s name, the artist’s name, and the album title.

It will also inform you where to find the music, who sings it, and if it has a video clip, it will display it. This app’s additional capabilities make it feel more like an encyclopedia than a simple tool for identifying songs and creating Spotify playlists.

In addition, you can share your discoveries on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, store them in your iPod or iTunes library & connect them to Spotify to create a personalized playlist.

2. Gnoosic

Gnoosic is an additional viable alternative. It is similar to Spotalike because it has a relatively basic layout where you can navigate between songs and albums. Still, it offers a significantly more personalized approach to music discovery. Marek Gibney developed the app in 2009. Since its introduction, it has been gathering momentum and is currently going strong.

Gnoosic, unlike Spotalike, has a search engine called Gnod. This technique works by asking you what type of music you enjoy and recommending related artists.

It makes it ideal for those who want to discover new music but need help knowing where to begin or what to seek.

Additionally, Gnod is based on artificial intelligence algorithms, so it may learn from your responses and provide you with better future recommendations. For example, below each search result, you will find three buttons: “I like it,” “I don’t like it,” and “I don’t know.”

You may then use this information to refine your taste profile and ensure that Gnod knows precisely what type of music you prefer.

3. Magic Playlist

If we talk about the popular Spotalike Alternatives, Magic Playlist is another excellent option. This relatively new service allows you to listen to tailored playlists based on your mood, activity, and other factors.

The intuitive design of Magic Playlist makes it much simpler to locate and listen to the desired music. There are no technical features, so even those who are not particularly tech-savvy should be able to pick this up quickly! Visit their website and begin perusing their collection of genres and playlists.

In addition, there is something for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer acoustic tunes or EDM mixes! Hundreds of songs are available on this platform at any given moment, and new playlists are made daily.

Similarly to Spotalike, Magic Playlist allows you to locate new music that complements your existing Spotify catalog by connecting your Spotify account, which is ideal if you’re looking to get into a new genre but need to know where to begin.

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In addition, you may tailor your playlist to your exact specifications by setting the duration (one, two, or three hours), naming it, and adjusting the genres using a slide bar.

For instance, you can modify the music you desire (indie vs. mainstream or relaxed vs. danceable), select whether you like songs with voices or without, and choose between studio and live tracks.

In addition, you may create as many playlists as you like and listen to them on your phone or computer whenever you want!

4. TasteDive

TasteDive offers the same features as Spotalike, but it has been improved to be more dependable and user-friendly. This software is an online music discovery service that enables you to listen to a massive database of songs from all around the world without downloading anything or paying for individual tunes.

In addition, it offers a function that recommends new music to you based on your previous listening habits and allows you to exchange songs with other TasteDive users.

Additionally, you can follow other people and view their suggestions. It can assist if you’re looking for new music but want to spend only some of the day searching for it!

Now, the primary feature of TasteDive is its “taste engine.” This engine is built on a neural network that analyses your musical preferences using artificial intelligence and helps you discover new songs.

The best aspect is that its algorithm continually enhances its ideas. In addition, after selecting a song, you can view its rating, artist information, YouTube video clip, and a summary of other users’ preferences.

In addition, unlike Spotalike, TasteDive is not simply a music discovery platform. You can also receive recommendations for books, podcasts, TV shows, video games, and other media.

5. Artist Explorer

Next in our list of the top-rated Spotalike Alternatives is Artist Explorer. It is among the most suitable alternatives to Spotalike reddit. This free app offers a novel method for exploring various musical genres.

Artist Explorer collects data from Spotify Web APIs to generate detailed artist profiles, including biographical information and popular music.

With a zoom feature and easy-to-read font, this platform makes the information accessible, which is my favorite feature. In addition, its layout is sleek and straightforward, making it easy to find what you’re looking for regardless of the genre of music you wish to listen to next.

And although Spotalike’s thumbnails are so small that you have to squint to see them, Artist Explorer displays everything on a large screen, so you don’t waste time determining whether something is worth listening to.

Enter an artist’s name and click on their image to research their relationships.

You will find their most popular songs and albums and a tree list of ten artists connected to them. You may easily adjust the number of displayed results by dragging the “Max #artists” bar in the right menu.

Artist Explorer is also superior to Spotalike in terms of its search capability. In addition to searching by artist, you can also search by genre. Additionally, building a playlist is simple.

Link your Spotify account, enter a title for your playlist, and click “Create”!

6. LivePlasma

LivePlasma is an alternative to Spotalike with many advantages over competitors. For example, it is straightforward to access and use; no additional software or downloads are required, and it works on practically any device.

LivePlasma is essentially a node-based visual map that enables users to easily search for their favorite albums or songs and view similar artists from other categories on the same page.

You can also use the same node-based method to search for related artists within the map. There, you can listen to your favorite songs in an easy method.

In addition, similar to Spotalike, you can use LivePlasma’s search tool to discover new music from any artist or genre of interest and create a playlist based on the results.

The ability to save your playlists so that they are always accessible when you visit LivePlasma is another excellent feature. You may also share them with family and friends who enjoy the same music genre.

7. Musicroamer

Musicroamer is an additional reliable alternative to Spotalike. It offers an intuitive layout that allows you to browse your preferred genres or search for new ones using keywords. In addition, using Musicroamer is exactly as straightforward as using Spotalike: you select a song, add it to your playlist, and then explore additional songs in the same genre or by the same artist.

You can then share your favorite mixes on Facebook, Twitter, or Patreon with your friends or invite them to Musicroamer so they can discover new music as well.

I also appreciate how simple it is to scroll through your playlists on Musicroamer. For example, when you log into your Spotify account, “Playlists” appears on the Musicroamer menu, displaying all of your Spotify playlists.

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It makes listening more convenient, as you will no longer need to switch tabs to listen to music or add new tracks.

You can preview music before adding it to your playlist once you’ve discovered a couple you like. Not applicable to premium users. If you’ve a premium Spotify account, you can listen to them in their entirety. Musicroamer is 100% free and has no advertisements.

8. Songs Like X

It is a terrific alternative to Spotalike because it includes all your favorite features in a more user-friendly interface.

Songs Like X’s design is intuitive and straightforward, making it simple to begin listening to your favorite band or artist without grasping any new technology.

Songs Like X, like Spotalike, generate random playlists of your favorite artists. Enter the name of a song or artist you enjoy, and the app will automatically produce a playlist containing music that is close to what you desire or your mood.

In addition, you can listen to a preview of each song before adding it to your collection, which is beneficial when you’re unsure whether you’ll enjoy something. You may then save your playlists to Spotify or upload them to Facebook.

9. BandNext

BandNext is a fantastic option as well. It allows you to listen to music from any device, anytime, and anywhere; it helps you discover new music based on your favorite bands, and it will enable you to share what you’re listening to such others may enjoy it.

However, BandNext also offers characteristics that distinguish it from other music-finding platforms. The platform’s slick design makes perusing artists and albums enjoyable and straightforward.

It means you do not have to spend hours learning how to use it before you can stream your favorite songs.

Additionally, when you enter the name of a band into its search box, it will automatically display related music with integrated YouTube video clips, making it even simpler to discover new songs that you may enjoy.

If you can’t exactly recall all the letters in the names of the songs or bands you’re looking for, there is a search option that allows you to insert any letter and obtain a list of immediately matched results. Then, you will only need to peruse it till you find the correct one!

Additionally, you can construct your playlists, share them with your friends, and add them directly to your iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube account – something that is not available with Spotalike.

10. Discovr

Discovr, the most famous music discovery app for iPhone and iPad in more than 50 countries, is an excellent alternative to Spotalike for Apple music if you want to find new music that suits you. The app’s unique features, which extend beyond simply recording your preferences, enable it to generate playlists based on your preferred genres, performers, moods, and more.

It also offers limitless streaming of top music from various genres, the addition of thousands of new songs daily, the opportunity to listen offline, and the ability to share your favorite songs on Facebook or Twitter, among other features.

In addition, it employs a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm to locate new releases that match your preferences and mood.

In addition, with Discovr’s attractive cover-flow-style layout, you won’t have to spend time browsing through every album and artist to locate something worthwhile. Instead, gaze at the presently playing album covers as they pass by, and this app will handle the rest.

You can also search by song title or artist name to swiftly locate new tracks – no reading through menus or clicking through pages of results required! And if you enjoy what you hear in one location, Discovr makes it easy to return and listen again on any Apple device later.

Additionally, you can download music from Musicroamer and listen to them on your phone or PC, which is not possible with Spotalike.

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Discovr now allows users to play music from YouTube videos and SoundCloud and Spotify connections.

Final Verdict: Which is the best Spotalike alternative?

TasteDive is the perfect Spotalike alternative if you’re seeking something to transform your everyday listening habits and introduce you to new artists.

It is a complete service with superb features and a varied music library, including new artists yet to be added to Spotify’s database.

Artist Explorer is also a fantastic alternative if you are searching for something less formal. It is simple to use and requires no subscription. In addition, there are no advertisements that interrupt the user’s experience, and the song library is vast.

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