12 Best TextNow Alternatives For Free Texting & Internet Calling

This article is regarding TextNow Alternatives. Do you require a second phone number to text and/or call? Or do you require a method to call and text landline numbers while only using WiFi and without a mobile phone plan? TextNow is a popular texting app that allows you to text and call real numbers using a unique internet-based number. Text Now does not require an active mobile plan; sign up with your email address or Facebook account, and you will be assigned a unique phone number. TextNow is not like Whatsapp, which requires you to have an existing mobile number and only allows you to call other Whatsapp numbers.

Text Now permits you to call any number and text any mobile phone number. On the other person’s phone, your text will appear as a regular text. Text Now, on the other hand, is not without flaws. For example, 1 of the disadvantages of TextNow is that if you do not use it for a specific period of time, They will take your phone number and assign it to someone else.

TextNow also contains advertisements. That is how it can provide a free service, but there are other options available that do not have as many advertisements. Today, I’ll go over the ten best TextNow alternatives for free internet calling and texting. Let’s get started. Also, check TextNow App ( TextNow APK here ).

12 Best TextNow Alternatives – Apps like TextNow

TextNow Alternatives – Apps like TextNow that you can use for Free Texting & Internet Calling.


1. TextPlus (Text+)

TextNow Alternatives

Text+, or TextPlus, is a great TextNow alternatives that I’ve used in the past. Many people I know use it as well. Sign up using only your username. You are not required to enter an email address, but I recommend that you do so if you want to recover your account if you forget your password or username. TextPlus, like TextNow app, has advertisements.

However, I liked how you could get rid of ads for a day for only $0.05. That’s right, five cents! It is a one-time fee, not a recurring subscription, so if you don’t need to use your TextPlus number on certain days, you don’t have to pay; on those days, spend the five cents to remove ads. It will only cost $0.25 to remove ads for an entire week.

If you want to remove ads for the entire month, it will cost you only $0.99. And, if you want to keep your phone number for an entire month, even if you don’t use it, it will only cost you $0.10! You must renew it manually each month, but it is still only $1.20 per year. That’s why I like TextPlus so much – it makes keeping the same phone number and removing ads so affordable. You can also obtain free credits by completing offers on the offer wall or watching videos.

2. Freetone

TextNow Alternatives

Freetone is a free texting and calling app (TextNow alternatives) that allows you to make flawless connections with your friends, family, colleagues, and others. It differs from the standard calling and messaging app because it offers exceptional features all under one platform.

Also, It allows its users to make free calls and send free text messages to landline and mobile phone numbers. For the time being, it is only providing this free service to residents of the United States. This application also offers premium calling and messaging services at a very reasonable price. After downloading the app, you will be given the new US or Canadian phone number that you can use to make calls to other US and Canadian numbers.

3. Google Voice

TextNow Alternatives

Well, If you need a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone number for personal or business use, Google Voice is without a doubt my top recommendation. VoIP is simply a fancy way of saying that the phone number is internet-based and that calls and texts are transmitted via an internet connection. Google Voice is completely free, and your phone number will be linked to your Gmail account. For each Google account, you create, you can get a new Google Voice number.

The best thing about Google Voice (TextNow alternatives) is that it is a website as well as an app. Further, The app allows you to make and receive calls on your phone, but you can also do so on a desktop computer by visiting You can make outgoing calls and receive calls and texts from the desktop site or app. In addition, voicemails are automatically transcribed, so you can read them rather than listen to them.

However, I’ve discovered that transcriptions aren’t always correct, depending on how clear the caller was speaking. Google Voice, like TextNow app, gives you options for selecting your area code. Domestic calls, like TextNow app, are also free. However, if you want to call a number in Europe or elsewhere, you may need to top up your account balance. You can top up $10 or more at a time. Unlike Text Now app, the Google Voice app is ad-free. While Text Now app allows you to pay to remove advertisements, Google Voice does not have any in the first place.

Another great feature of Google Voice is linking your real phone number to your Google Voice number if you have a mobile plan. When a person calls your Google Voice number, you can have it rerouted to your mobile phone number and answer it – even if you don’t have an active internet connection. Why would you want to do something like that? One reason is that if you route it to your mobile number, calls will be made over your mobile phone connection rather than the internet. The call quality of internet calls is only as good as your internet connection. Dropped calls and a lack of call clarity are two common issues I encounter when making calls over the internet, which can be a major issue if you need to make an important business call.

Furthermore, if you are on the go, connecting to the internet will consume your mobile data, which will cost you money if you do not have an unlimited data plan. When a person calls your Google Voice number, you get to choose which of your linked phone numbers will ring.

You can also specify which devices your Google Voice account should ring when someone contacts you. However, as previously stated, this is optional, and you are not required to link a mobile phone number to use Google Voice. Google Voice also allows you to port existing phone numbers to it.

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There are also the Hangouts and Hangouts Dialer apps, which are linked to your Google Voice number, in addition to the Google Voice app. You can install both of them to make phone calls from your mobile device over WiFi. While Google Voice is free, you can upgrade to a Business plan for a fee. So, You can add more users and integrate with business tools such as Google Meet and Google Calendar.

4. TextFree

TextNow Alternatives

Many TextNow alternatives appear to contain the word “text”! When you sign up for TextFree, you will be able to enter an area code; if the desired area code is not available, the app will suggest nearby area codes with numbers available. However, I noticed that some area codes that had numbers on TextNow did not have any on TextFree. This, however, is not always the case. To signup for a TextFree account, you must first create an account with your email address. Unfortunately, there is no signup option through Facebook right now. While TextFree numbers are free indefinitely, you must use them at least once every 30 days to keep them. Otherwise, your phone number will be automatically reassigned after 30 days of inactivity.

Nonetheless, if you sign up for a $4.99 premium plan, you can keep your number indefinitely. You’ll never lose your phone number if you do this, even if you don’t use it for a long time. The Textfree interface was fantastic. It was far more user-friendly than TextNow and TextMe. It contains a large number of ads, just like TextNow, but they’re not as intrusive.
But, when you sign up, you will only receive 60 minutes of free calling. Later that, you can continue to send texts but must purchase more minutes to make phone calls.

There are several plans available, and I was able to purchase 100 minutes for $1.99. If you plan to use TextFree frequently, you can save money by purchasing 1,000 minutes for $18.99. You can also earn free minutes by watching video ads and completing offers. There are some other interesting setting options. You can, for example, change your ringtone, manage your greetings, choose to forward all calls to voicemail and respond to calls automatically.

5. Mjoy

TextNow Alternatives

Mjoy is a free messaging app (TextNow alternatives) that lets users send unlimited text messages to any mobile phone number. It doesn’t matter which cellular service it is registered with from anywhere in the world. So, Enter the mobile phone number where you want your message delivered, type the message you want to send, and press send. The mjoy will immediately send it to the intended recipient.

Because of its valuable features and functionalities, millions of people worldwide use this free communication service. Also, It allows you to synchronize and save all of your contacts on your smartphones or tablets, in addition to sending messages. It allows users to share their status or other updates with the rest of the world.

6. TextMe

TextNow Alternatives

TextMe is an excellent alternative app to TextNow. It has received more than ten million downloads from the Google Play Store, indicating that it is very popular. TextMe is also available for download on the iOS App Store and the Amazon App Store. Sign up with your Facebook account or email to get started. The disadvantage of TextMe is that, like TextNow, it contains advertisements, which can become irritating after a while. However, I found the interface to be user-friendly. Furthermore, you can remove the ads by upgrading your account; the cost varies by country. It also allows you to have multiple numbers simultaneously, making it a great TextNow alternatives for that purpose.

In addition to removing advertisements, upgrading your account will allow you to configure call forwarding so that incoming calls are routed to your mobile number, just like Google Voice. Credit packs can also be purchased. The more and more credits you purchase at once, the less expensive it will be, and You’ll be able to make international calls with those credits.

Domestic calls are always free. Texting is also free. You can get credits for free in addition to paying for them by completing actions. You can, for example, complete an offer to earn 5 to 100 credits, or you can watch a short video ad to earn one or two credits. I liked how TextMe provides a list of places where you can get an area code. There were nearly 30 California area codes to choose from, for example! You also do not need to obtain a phone number in the United States. If you need an international number, TextMe is a great alternative app to TextNow. If you plan to make many international calls, you should consider getting an international phone number. For example, if you intend to call people in Australia, you may want to use an Australian phone number.

The following are the country phone numbers that are currently available on TextMe:

  • Czech Republic (+420)
  • France (+33)
  • Malaysia (+60)
  • Mauritius (+230)
  • Netherlands (+31)
  • Poland (+48)
  • Sweden (+46)
  • USA (+1)
  • Canada (+1)
  • United Kingdom (+44)
  • Australia (+61)
  • Austria (+43)
  • Belgium (+32)
  • Colombia (+57)

While all numbers allow you to send SMS messages and make phone calls, only numbers in the United States and Canada (+1) allow you to send MMS messages in your texts. I should point out that international phone numbers are not free. Prices vary according to how long you want to keep your phone number. If you only need the international number for three months, for example, you can pay for only three months. You can sign up for a monthly subscription that will automatically renew so that you never lose your phone number.

7. AbTalk Call

TextNow Alternatives

It is a great TextNow alternatives for Android users. AbTalk, like the previous apps on this list, does not require a SIM card to obtain a phone number. I liked how you could get a 1,000-point bonus just for signing up with Facebook or Google. Also, You can still sign up with your email address, but your bonus points will be lower.

Another reason to prefer AbTalk over TextNow is its built-in VPN! Using a VPN while making phone calls and browsing the internet will keep you safe and your data private. You are not required to use the VPN, but it is available and free. You will even be rewarded for using the VPN. You’ll also earn points for inviting friends.

You will receive 200 points for each referral, with bonus credits ranging from 100 to 1,500 points after a certain number of friends have been referred. Simply checking in can earn you up to 700 points per day. Points can also be purchased, and they are inexpensive. 16,000 points are available for $0.99, and 60,000 points are available for $3.99. So, What will you do with the points? You can make international calls. The app displays calling rates. For example, calling a number in Buenos Aires, Argentina, costs only 330 points (I believe that is per minute).

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8. 2nd Line

TextNow Alternatives

I liked the 2nd Line (TextNow alternatives) because it allows you to set up your account with any three-digit area code. For example, when I selected 715, I was presented with a list of ten different 715 area code numbers to choose from. Remember that the 2nd Line is only available for Android phones. 2nd Line costs $9.99 per month, but before paying anything, I recommend signing up for the free-trial to get a feel for the app.

Further, You can set up a voicemail inbox or an auto-reply message with your second number. You can also configure call forwarding to route calls to your Main Line. Because you can record your calls, I like 2nd Line as an App like TextNow. You might want to save a recording of a phone call for later use, or you might want to record a phone call with your tutor so you can review the lesson later.

Whatever your reasoning, being able to record your calls is a huge benefit. However, make certain that you are not breaking any laws. Well, It is legal to record a phone conversation in some states and countries without informing the other party. You are not permitted to do so in other areas.

9. Hushed

Hushed is a TextNow alternatives that prioritizes privacy. Here, The goal is not to keep your Hushed number forever but to use it for Craigslist ads, dating sites, and other purposes while having the option to “burn” it later. Hushed allows you to select from over 300 area codes in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. You can sign up for seven-day, 30-day, 90-day, or 365-day prepaid plans. US/Canada phone numbers can call/text other US/Canada phone numbers, while UK phone numbers can call/text other UK phone numbers.

You can, however, purchase a global plan for international calling and texting. Another reason to prefer Hushed to TextNow? It works with Slack and Dropbox. You can save your message history and voicemails to Dropbox so you can access them later, even if you delete the Hushed app. Slack also allows you to send and receive messages.

10. GoDaddy

You might be thinking to yourself, “Wait, what? Isn’t GoDaddy a domain registrar?” Yes, but while GoDaddy is best known for its domain names and hosting plans, the company also offers a service called SmartLine. SmartLine is a VoIP service aimed specifically at website and business owners. For example, suppose you run a small blog or an eCommerce store as a one-man operation. In that case, you may want to provide a way for your readers/customers/email subscribers to contact you without disclosing your real, personal phone number. In that case, SmartLine is an option.

It uses call forwarding to forward calls to your personal number; but, you’ll be able to see that a call coming through is from SmartLine, so if you are with the family and do not want to answer a business call, you will not have to. Call forwarding allows you to focus on important business calls. Also, You can transfer your current phone number to SmartLine. When you call or text, the number displayed on the other end will be the SmartLine number, not your personal number. SmartLine is available for free for seven days. After that, it’s $9.99 per month.

SmartLine, on the other hand, allows you to obtain a toll-free number! This is a service that Text Now and most other phone apps do not provide because they are geared toward casual users rather than business owners. A toll-free number will be more expensive – $19.99 per month. It will, however, allow people to call you for free without having to pay for the calls on their end. A toll-free number also gives you a more professional and authoritative appearance. SmartLine has apps for both Android and iOS. The app and phone service include some interesting features, such as automatic spam call filtering and voicemail transcriptions. Overall, GoDaddy SmartLine is a great App like TextNow if you require a second phone number for business purposes.

11. Rebtel: Cheap International Calls

If you need to make cheap international calls, Rebtel is a great TextNow alternatives. You can make calls to over 50 countries, including landline numbers. You can also use your mobile phone plan to make calls instead of using the internet. Rates are reasonable, and you can pay every month. You can save money if you only need to make one phone call, for example. Rebtel will give you $5 in calling credit for each friend who purchases after you refer them.

12. Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM allows you to obtain a phone number from over 70 countries! If you’ve tried TextNow (TextNow alternatives) to get a number in a specific country but it was unavailable, Numero eSIM could be the answer. There are also over 3,000 area codes to choose from. Not all numbers will be available for free, but you may be able to obtain free credits. You can configure call forwarding to answer calls even when you don’t have an internet connection, and you can even make your phone number anonymous.

When you make phone calls, your Numero eSIM phone number will not be displayed on the screen. Numero eSIM also provides the option of obtaining an international toll-free number for business purposes. One disadvantage of Numero eSIM is that you must have an existing phone number to sign up. You cannot simply use your email address or a Facebook account.

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TextNow Alternatives Conclusion:

Google Voice, in my opinion, is the best TextNow alternatives, particularly for business and personal purposes such as calling friends and family.

However, I also recommend TextPlus, particularly if you’re having trouble making calls from the Google Voice app, which may occur from time to time. TextPlus contains advertisements, but it is inexpensive to remove them, and it is also inexpensive to keep your number even if you’re not actively using it.

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