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TorrentFunk Proxy & Mirror Sites + 14 TorrentFunk Alternatives

by Mike

TorrentFunk, also known as the “King of Torrent Search Engine Sites,” is the best website for finding torrent files of millions of movies, TV shows, web series (particularly the best web series in India) paid software, and much more. TorrentFunk was launched in early 2011, and according to Google Trends, its popularity has grown rapidly since then. Users frequently visit this website when looking for a torrent file of their favorite movie or anything else that is paid for. At the same time, the importance of some excellent alternatives to TorrentFunk cannot be overstated.

Furthermore, Torrent Funk is solely dedicated to providing torrent files requested by users. TorrentFunk was previously a torrent hosting website, which meant that it provided the searched torrent files from other torrent websites. However, after some time, this website developed its own database and began offering torrent files to its users from it.

Torrent Funk has also undergone numerous maintenance instances, and as a result of all of this, the website is now operational for all users. However, soon after the full launch of this website, it was hit by server breakdowns and other minor issues, preventing users from accessing their favorite torrent files. Furthermore, Torrent Funk lost its security certificate and is now blocked by governments around the world.

We hope that it will be functional again for users soon, but in the meantime, you should look for other websites that will provide you with torrent files of your choice and according to your needs. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the 14 best TorrentFunk alternatives for you to consider right now. All of these 14 websites have advantages over one another, and we hope that you will select the best option from among them to replace the TorrentFunk website.

Working TorrentFunk Proxy List

Some of the TorrentFunk proxy sites that are currently active are:

14 Best TorrentFunk Alternatives – Sites like TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk Alternatives – Sites like TorrentFunk that you can try.

1. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is another fantastic alternative to TorrentFunk that can be used in place of TorrentFunk. This website has over 3 million active torrent files, and this number is growing every day as the website’s popularity grows. The Pirate Bay has the largest database of torrent files for various movies, TV shows, web series, and other media. Well, This website was launched in 2003, and if you look at the user interface, you will notice that torrent files are displayed in the form of a simple link. However, it is a very good website with many fantastic features.

Website: https://www.pirateproxy.space

2. YTS


YTS has all of the most popular and recent movie torrents. This site’s interface makes it even more amazing and user-friendly, allowing users to easily find their favorite movie torrent content. All movie torrents are categorized, and you can use its advanced search to find your favorite movie genre. You can also filter the movie torrent list by quality (720p, 1080p, 3D), ratings, and order.

Website: https://yts.mx

3. LimeTorrents


This is our third choice on this list, and believe us when we say that this sites like TorrentFunk, is the best possible substitute for the TorrentFunk website due to its powerful search engine and large database. LimeTorrents was not well-known when it first launched, but it quickly grew in popularity, and it has now surpassed many of the major torrent websites.

This verified BitTorrent website hosts over 5 million active torrent files, which are accessed on a daily basis by users. You are not required to register on this website in order to access the content or torrent files available on this website. Furthermore, before any file is downloaded, the file size is displayed in the description, making torrent downloading much easier for users.

Website: https://www.limetorrents.info

4. 1337X


This is yet another excellent option to replace the TorrentFunk website. This TorrentFunk alternative is well-known for its appealing user interface, which will undoubtedly enhance your overall viewing experience. In addition, 1337X is one of the most highly rated torrent websites, with many useful features for users. For example, all torrent files for various movies are organized on the website by genre, language, popularity, and date added. As a result, 1337X is a must-try website to fill the void left by TorrentFunk.

Website: https://www.1337x.tw

5. TorrentProject


TorrentProject is a popular torrent search engine that indexes all types of torrent links from various torrent sites around the web, allowing you to search for any torrent file and get the sources to download it. To begin torrenting at TorrentProject, all you need is a working computer and a high-speed internet connection.

Website: https://torrentproject2.com

6. KickassTorrents


In terms of search engine capability, KAT is one of the leading websites. This website’s powerful search engine makes it very popular among users. On this website, the chances of finding torrent files of your choice are very high. Furthermore, when compared to other websites, KAT is one of the oldest torrent-providing websites. The major latest releases in the segment of movies and TV shows are also added in the form of torrent files on this website. KAT is an excellent replacement for the TorrentFunk website due to its large database and more literate user interface.

Website: https://kickass.onl



This website, which is similar to TorrentFunk, is less well-known among torrent file users. The main reason for this website’s low popularity is its poor graphical user interface. However, in terms of torrent file availability, this website has an advantage over the major torrent-providing websites. A large number of torrent files available on this website is the website’s defining feature, and users adore it. You should definitely give this website a shot.

Website: http://proxyrarbg.org

8. IsoHunt


One of the best sites like TorrentFunk is IsoHunt. It is a BitTorrent and Peer to Peer search engine that can help you find verified and high-quality torrent files. Anime, Movies, Music, Adult, and other types of torrent content are available for download. To begin torrenting at IsoHunt, all you need is a working computer and a high-speed internet connection.

Website: https://isohunts.to

9. Torrentz


Torrentz is our next choice as a TorrentFunk alternative in this list, but trust us when we say that it is just as good as the other websites we’ve already mentioned. Everything, from the availability of torrent files to the user interface, is good and up to date. Well, The presence of unwanted VPN download links, which are quite annoying for users, is the main thing that discourages users from using this website. But, in a nutshell, Torrentz is a fantastic alternative to TorrentFunk, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Website: https://www.torrentz.eu.com

10. ExtraTorrent

The ExtraTorrent is not the best replacement for the TorrentFunk website, but this alternative to TorrentFunk bears millions of torrent files on its server, which are frequently used by users. The vast majority of these torrent files are no longer active, but a few remain. You can also ask the website’s administrator to add the torrent file that you are looking for. ExtraTorrent is not widely used, but its large database and request feature makes it a very appealing and good choice for users.

Website: https://extratorrent.cyou

11. iDope

iDope is one of the sites like TorrentFunk. It is a unique torrent search engine where users can download and upload torrent files, so it can be considered a torrent search platform community because other users are also contributing to the creation of a decent torrent database. To start torrenting at iDope, all you need is a working computer and a high-speed internet connection.

Website: https://ww1.idope.cyou

12. Demonoid

Demonoid is a website where registered site members can submit torrents for other users to use while torrenting. According to Alexa.com, this site was the 502nd most popular website in the world in December 2010. In September 2007, Demonoid’s torrent tracker was estimated to have three million peers. As of May 3, 2009, the site had 252,427 torrents indexed. To start torrenting at Demonoid, all you need is a working computer and a high-speed internet connection.

Website: https://www.demonoid.is

13. Torlock

Torlock offers high-quality movie torrents as well as many other torrent files from various categories such as movies, anime, ebooks, TV shows, and so on. You can immediately download any torrent file without any difficulty. In addition, the health score of any torrent file is also displayed on the site’s interface, allowing you to determine how active that torrent file is.

Website: https://www.torlock.com

14. EZTV

EZTV is a TV torrent download site where users can easily download all the latest TV series using a super-fast torrent. All you need to start torrenting at EZTV is a working computer and a high-speed internet connection.

Website: https://eztv.re

Wrapping Up: TorrentFunk Alternatives

As previously stated, determining the best possible alternatives to TorrentFunk is a difficult task. However, you can choose one of these best websites to replace TorrentFunk. According to our recommendations, the top three choices from the above list are RARBG, 1337X, and The Pirate Bay. Also, You can share your favorite picks from the above list in the comments section. We will be delighted to begin a conversation with you.

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