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Looking for the best sites like Then you’ve come to the right place. Well, Nowadays, you can watch almost any TV show online because there are a plethora of TV websites that you can stream and download. Also, You no longer have to wait for a live telecast of a TV show to watch it; you can watch it anywhere and at any time by conducting a simple search. There are hundreds of TV streaming sites available on the internet today that you can use to satisfy your TV cravings. Furthermore, you can watch TV from both free and paid sites. However, there are some fake sites that are only interested in your money or personal information, so avoid them. People did not have the option to stream their favorite TV shows and series in the previous decade.

They had to wait and schedule only the live telecast. However, the online industry has now undergone a revolution. Nowadays, people simply watch TV after a long day, mindlessly flipping through the channels, because all of the good content is available online for them to watch at any time. And, in order to provide a memorable experience, all of these TV sites have a simple, smooth user interface as well as a responsive media player. You can also change the captions, streaming quality, and volume of the streams, and you can sometimes even download them to watch later.

So we’ve selected a list of some cool TV streaming sites like that have the most recent TV shows and series that you might be interested in watching. If you are unfamiliar with, it is a website where you can watch live TV from American TV channels or programs. is distinct from others in that it will not be cluttered with annoying advertisements or clunky user interfaces. On the contrary, USTVGO has a very clean and simple design. There are fewer advertisements on USTVGO. There are none in some cases. You should be able to watch CBS, Disney, HBO, Cartoon Network, truTV, Fox Sports, History, NBC, CNN, Cinemax, and many other channels if you use USTVGO App.

The simple video player is what distinguishes Even with a good internet connection, it loads quickly and has buffer-free streaming quality. The service is also free, making it ideal for those on a tight budget who still want to enjoy the high-quality entertainment. Surprisingly, there are many alternatives to Yes, there are other services of comparable quality to this one. There are many bad streaming sites out there, but there are also some good ones. USTVGO APK (here) is also included in the list. So, what are some of the best sites like that you can visit?

What Are TV Streaming Sites?

TV streaming sites are websites or services that provide access to a wide range of TV shows and series that are available for viewing and downloading. Streaming is the primary goal of these sites, though some of them may offer additional features such as offline downloading and so on. If you’re familiar with such streaming sites, you’ve probably come across the names listed below.

Is It Safe To Use Website?

To be honest, we can’t say for certain. It is dependent on the security of the website you prefer to use. There are numerous sites on the internet that provide the best movies, series, or tv shows. Some of them are legal TV streaming websites, but others may be unsafe to use. If you’re new and don’t know how to tell the difference between safe and unsafe sites, we recommend sticking to the ones we’ve listed here. We have all of them tested and ensured their safety. As a result, you should be concerned. Down? 15 Best Sites like – Alternatives

Sites like – Alternatives To watch live TV online free streaming if Down.


1. FreeInterTV

Sites Like

This is an online entertainment streaming service. The best part is that it is a free internet TV. In fact, it operates similarly to USTVGO, so if you are familiar with USTVGO, you should have no trouble navigating this site. Aside from the simple navigation and operation, this one has a large number of collections.

Make sure that all of the content is up to date and fresh because they do it on a regular basis. There’s no need to be concerned about buffering or annoying advertisements. This alternatives does not have anything like that. It’s possible that the website isn’t the best. In fact, it is a little out of date, similar to the old look from the 1990s, and it has been forgotten. However, when it comes to quality, FreeInterTV will not let you down.

2. TVPlayer

Sites Like

TV Player allows you to watch over 80 live TV channels on the web or any mobile app for free. You can get access to more than 60 free channels that you can watch without paying anything. The premium version of the App includes more popular channels that can be accessed by paying a fee. The service currently only serves the UK market; however, the team is expanding its network to the US, Canada, and other European countries. You can watch live television with catch-up and live recording features, making it a well-designed television service.

3. 123TV

Sites Like

This is the service to use if you want to watch movies or TV shows from the United States or the United Kingdom. You can watch movies, infotainment, entertainment, sports, children’s programs, and news without having to make any free arrangements. 123 TV live is completely free, and the operation is very simple.

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Many users comment on how pleasant their experience has been and how easy it is to navigate the website. There are numerous aspects of the service that are appealing. It does not contain any pop-ups. There are no advertisements. It doesn’t even require you to register. The website even has a nice video player that looks similar to YouTube and works smoothly. There are also scheduled for the current shows if you want to watch channels (as well as the upcoming ones). If you want a premium service without paying a dime, go to this Free live TV streaming site.

4. Squid TV

Sites Like

Don’t be fooled by the name. You may think it’s silly or funny, but this service provides good service and content. With premium channels, you should be able to find a plethora of TV shows. In addition, the service itself is free, so you can get high-quality content without spending a dime.

They categorize everything, making exploration enjoyable and simple. For example, shopping, Sports and Recreation, Religion, Entertainment, Ethnic, Music, Education, Scientific, and News are some of the categories.

5. YouTube TV

Sites Like

YT TV is a streaming subscription service that provides over-the-top (OTT) content in the United States. ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC, and other networks are included. The service provides Cloud DVR with no DVR storage space limitations. 6 YouTube TV accounts, each with its login and DVR. Also, The service provides over 80 channels from the United States that can be streamed directly to a phone or PC without the use of a cable box.

Sports – CBS RSN Channels, ESPN Network, FS, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, NBCSN, NESN, Olympic Channel, Tennis Channel, etc.

Entertainment – AMC, BBC America, Bravo, Comet, Decades, E!, Freeform, FX, FXM, FXX, IFC, MyNetwork TV, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, and many more.

News – BBC News, Cheddar News, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC.

Kids – Cartoon Network, Disney, Universal Kids

6. UStream

Sites Like

Do you want another free service to watch your favorite TV shows and movies? You should look into Ustream, which has around 200 channels in various categories such as entertainment, movies, sports, and so on. There’s no need to be concerned; the channels are premium, and you won’t have to pay anything. The content’s quality is quite good and acceptable. The image isn’t the best, but it still works well with clear images.

The main issue is probably the ads, which can be click ads or pop-ups. You are free to install an ad blocker, but this may interfere with the stream. So, if you install it and your stream doesn’t work, try ‘turning off’ the adblocker first and see if it works.

MU TV, NFL Network, NBA TV, BT Sport, Disney Jr., Sky Sports, and other channels should be available. It appears that the site’s primary focus is on entertainment and sports, so it’s worth a look, especially for you sports fans! This is one of the services that you should visit as one of the best sites like

7. LiveNewsMag

Sites Like

If you want to watch news programs or channels but don’t want to pay for them, LiveNewsMag is a great option. This service, as one of the best alternatives, will provide you with high-quality news channels globally, particularly from the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Also, if you’re used to watching SNN or MSNBC online, you should be familiar with this service.

The great part about the service is that it is completely free. You should be able to watch your favorite news content for free. To be ‘entertained’ with new information about the world, all you need is a reliable internet connection. Regrettably, the service does not provide Catch-up or On-Demand content.

They only provide Real-Time broadcasts. There is also a sort of synopsis for each channel, which gives you ideas on which one to use if you are unsure. The website design isn’t great, but it still allows for easy exploration and navigation.

8. Hulu

Sites Like

Hulu is a subscription-based online streaming platform, but you can choose not to pay and watch a limited amount of content for free, which includes over 150 movies and TV shows. Hulu’s services into Live TV began in 2017. Previously it only hosted a variety of TV shows, both old and new, movies, and other infotainment programs.

It functions as a cross between Netflix and Sling TV, providing users with TV Shows and Live TV. The App’s content and presentation vary depending on the price; a low package will provide you with content with advertisements, whereas a high package will provide you with Live TV with no advertisements. Hulu TV pricing begins at $7.99 per month. Though the price may be on the high side, I believe it is worthwhile to purchase.

9. YuppTV

Sites Like

This is a streaming service that caters to an Indian audience. Yes, they are targeting Indian audiences with their numerous shows, movies, and entertainment options. So, if you’re a big fan of Indian movies and don’t want to spend a fortune to get your hands on them, YuppTV is a great option for you. The service divides its shows into three categories: On-Demand, Catch-up content, and Live TV.

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If you enjoy Bollywood production movies, including classic shows like Kasauti Zindagi Ki, this is the channel for you. Simply, An Internet connection is all you need, and you’re ready to go. It can also be linked to a Fire TV, Roku, or Chromecast. There is no need to purchase, own, or install a DVB, cable box, or satellite connection. It also does not necessitate the formation of a contract. Feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. The website design is appealing and user-friendly, encouraging independent exploration and navigation.

10. Sling TV

Sites Like

This is yet another promising sites like that you can use and access if you want to enjoy the high-quality entertainment. It provides a variety of features and services, such as a pricing plan, multiple channels, and custom easiness. The quality is impressive and of a high standard. Unfortunately, this is not a free service, but the pricing structure is reasonable. In addition, there are a variety of packages to choose from.

For example, the Orange Package costs around $15 (per month) and includes 31 channels with a mix of entertainment, news, and sports. There is also the Blue Package, which costs $15 per month and includes 45 channels. When you combine both packages, you only pay about $25 per month.

11. Pluto TV

Sites Like

PlutoTV is a free TV platform with over 100 TV channels, a large number of movies, and TV shows. In addition, Between-program video advertisements generate revenue for television. Aside from Live TV, they also have On-Demand Movies that you can watch immediately.

Pluto has partnered with over 80 distributors and has directly licensed the content from the provider. Movies can also be viewed on Live TV Channels. Pluto TV is the best service for On-Demand Movies as well as Live TV. The TV has an app for all devices, including Android, Roku, iOS, Apple TV, and others.

12. Fomny TV

It is classified as an IPTV website that provides high-quality content as well as premium channels. You can watch a variety of shows and movies from all over the world without any difficulty. This service, as one of the best alternatives, not only allows you to stream the contents but also allows you to get suggestions and entries from previous users.

Not to mention their impressive massive collections, which will keep you occupied for many hours and days. Unfortunately, it is not completely free. The free content is limited, whereas the paid content is unlimited. Not to mention the website is mediocre at best. Some users must become accustomed to it before they can truly appreciate it. It’s not terrible, but it’s also not the best.

13. DirectTV Now

Are you aware that AT&T has its streaming service? Yes, they do have DirectTV Now, which offers services to interested customers. The service focuses on internet TV, with approximately 150 different channels. Because the service is part of TunerMedia, you can expect high-quality content with massive collections.

In terms of variety, the service is among the best sites like Please browse the various categories and subjects, such as TV shows and movies, as well as other topics. They do have their App, but many users claim that it is useless due to numerous bugs and issues. On the other hand, the service’s general channels have a plethora of mixtures for news, sports, music, and entertainment. Thus, you will have no trouble finding your favorite channels or programs. You can also choose to install the App, but that is entirely up to you. In any case, you’re on your own.

14. CONtv

On Contv, you can easily find any TV show to stream. This website is updated weekly with new content, and you can also find out where you can watch anime online, as well as movies and TV shows. This website offers a massive catalog of popular titles to its users. TV shows, blockbuster movies, top-rated content, and the most recent web series can all be found here with no restrictions. You can also find movies and shows by the names of your favorite actors or directors using its simple and user-friendly search bar. One of the best alternatives.

15. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best sites like and TV streaming sites. Of course, before you can access its content, you must first subscribe to it. Netflix is well-known for its unique TV shows, documentaries, comedy shows, movies, web series, and other offerings. You can create five different profiles by purchasing a single account, allowing others to use it without interfering with your recommendations. Netflix offers online streaming of all of its content, and new shows and movies are added on a regular basis. It is also available in-app form, allowing you to use it on smartphones. People usually pool their resources to purchase Netflix subscriptions, making them inexpensive. Overall, one of the best alternatives.

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Conclusion: Sites like

If you’re looking for dependable services that will keep you entertained, whether it is through movies, entertainment, or news updates, these are some of your options. Although they are considered the best Free live TV streaming sites like, there are many more available, so feel free to explore!

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