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Watch Netflix Offline Legally On Mac? How To

Netflix is a premium streaming service used by billions of individuals worldwide. Users may stream and download Movies and TV shows online. You may stream content from Netflix’s website or download their app. The Netflix app is more popular than the website for streaming Netflix content. Using the Netflix app to stream content provides more advantages than using the website. Streaming on the app enables you to download content not possible on the website. The streaming quality on the Netflix app is superior to the website. Watching content online and offline using the Netflix app is possible. If you wish to watch Netflix offline on a Mac but need help with how to do it, this article will assist you. This article describes how to stream Netflix content offline on a Mac legally.

Is It Possible To Download Netflix On Mac?

There is currently no official Netflix app for Mac. You can stream Netflix on a Mac from their website, but you cannot download the app. Several websites claim to download Mac Netflix downloads. However, this is impossible as Netflix for Mac has yet to be built. If you find a website that allows you to download Netflix for Mac, it is likely a scam or harmful website that distributes fake apps. Download Netflix for your Mac from none of these websites.

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How To Watch Netflix Offline Legally On Mac?

If you wish to legally watch Netflix offline on your Mac, follow the instructions below.

Install Windows On Mac & Install Netflix

To run Windows on a Mac, you must use a Virtual Machine like Parallels. The procedures for installing Windows on a Mac and using Netflix offline are provided here.

1 – Download Parallels on your Mac using the link provided. Instead of the premium app, you may use the free trial.

Watch Netflix Offline Mac

2 – Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen directions to install Parallels.

3 – After the installation, you will be prompted to install Windows. To install Windows, click Install Windows.

Watch Netflix Offline Mac

4 – Windows will begin downloading immediately. The Windows will be installed on your PC once downloaded.

5 – Set up Windows, sign into your Microsoft account, and you’re ready.

6 – Click the Start button on the taskbar, search for Microsoft Store and open it.

7 – Search for Netflix within the Microsoft Store. To install the first option, click the Get/Install button.

8 – Launch Netflix on your device and sign in to your Netflix account.

9 – You may now download and stream Netflix Movies and web series offline.

Using AirPlay

You need the following items to use AirPlay to watch Netflix on your Mac.

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1 – An active Netflix subscription is required. You’ll be unable to stream content if you do not have a Netflix subscription.

2 – A reliable Wi-Fi connection.

3 – An iPad and/or iPhone with Netflix on it.  

4 – The movie or TV show you wish to watch is downloaded to your iOS device.

Once you’ve all the above items, you may proceed with Netflix on Mac.

1 – Connect the Mac and iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to the same Wi-Fi network.

2 – Then, launch the Netflix app on your iOS device. If you’re not signed into Netflix, you must sign in.

3 – Launch AirPlay on your iOS device and then tap Screen Mirroring.

4 – There will now be a list of devices there. Choose your Mac.

5 – Once complete, open the Netflix app and select the downloaded content to stream it on your Mac.


This article describes how to watch Netflix offline on a Mac. Unfortunately, there is no Netflix app for Mac, so AirPlay is the only way to watch Netflix offline on a Mac. In addition to airplay, we included a list of additional approaches that you may find more appealing.

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