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16 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives to Watch Cartoons

by Mike

Today’s article is regarding WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives that you can use to Watch Cartoons and Anime Online. There was a time when I would binge-watch every cartoon on Cartoon Network when they aired amazing shows like Johnny Bravo, Swat Kats, Codename Kids Next Door, the Jetsons, the Flinstones, and the list goes on.

Nowadays, cartoon channels are garbage, broadcasting content that has no meaning and provides no value to the viewer. If you’ve heard of the WatchCartoonOnline, a popular cartoon streaming site that was removed from Google due to DMCA violations, you won’t be disappointed.

WatchCartoonOnline.tv is a one-stop shop for 90s kids to relive their childhood memories and watch their favorite cartoon shows. But, as the administrators mentioned in a note, the WatchCartoonsOnline website may go down from time to time, and in that case, you’ll need some alternatives, right?

In this article, we will list the 16 best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives so that your fun does not stop even if the WatchCartoonOnline.to site is temporarily unavailable. Also, check WatchCartoonOnline App (WatchCartoonOnline APK here).

What Is The Watch Cartoon Online?

The Watch Cartoon Online is the best website for watching cartoons online. The WatchCartoonOnline.io site has been on the internet for many years, but Google has removed it from its index due to DMCA violations.

You can still visit the watch cartoons online site if you know the exact domain name and watch your favorite cartoon show; if you don’t, check below.

Aside from cartoons, the watch cartoons online site also features the most recent Anime, movies, dubbed Anime, and OVA. Here is a list of WatchCartoonOnline alternatives.

16 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives To Watch Cartoons And Anime Online

Several websites on the internet offer free online streaming of cartoons and Anime. WatchCartoonOnline.app is one of the more well-known of these websites.

Also, You can watch your favorite cartoon and anime shows for free on this watch cartoons online free website, which has excellent dubbing and captions. Furthermore, many sites like WatchCartoonOnline, offer free access to a variety of cartoons and anime shows. Some of the WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives websites are as follows.

1. GoGoAnime

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
GoGoAnime.io is a WatchCartoonOnline Alternative website that you should add to your list of cartoon websites. Any anime from around the world that has been dubbed in English can be found on GoGoAnime.tv. This is how you can watch a much broader range of Anime on GoGoAnime.com.

You can also access GoGoAnime.app from anywhere in the world. As a result, you don’t need to connect to any such VPN and can use the GoGoAnime.pro services without spending any money on a VPN.

Website: https://gogoanime.pe

2. Cartoon Network

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
Cartoon Network is 1 of the best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives for watching cartoons online for free without sacrificing quality. It also has a large collection of cartoon shows that are beautifully aligned in the Cartoon Network’s design.

Many popular cartoon shows can be found under a single category. Although it does not offer many incentives to avoid pop-ups and ads in between, its wide range of cartoons will always keep you entertained to the fullest.

Website: https://www.cartoonnetworkhq.com

3. KissAnime

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
Kiss Anime is another excellent cartoon website. Furthermore, the best feature of this KissAnime website is that the majority of its content is available to users in both HD and FHD format. As a user, you will come across a plethora of animes from which to choose on KissAnime.ru. You will also be notified when new anime videos are added to the KissAnime.ac website.

Website: https://www.kiss-anime.ws

4. 9Anime

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
If you enjoy watching a lot of cartoons, 9Anime.to is another great website for you. You can find a large database full of cartoon content that will meet your needs on 9 Anime. 9Anime.ru has a large collection of anime stories, mangas, novels, and other works. One of its distinguishing features of 9 Animes is its user interface, which aids users in navigating the 9Anime website.

Website: https://9anime.me

5. CartoonCrazy

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
To begin with, CartoonCrazy.net is a fantastic site for watching your favorite cartoon and anime shows. You can find a nice selection of Cartoons, Anime series, movies, and TV shows on CartoonCrazy.tv. You do not need to register in order to use the Cartoon Crazy Website services. As a result, you can watch a wide range of cartoon content online for free.

Website: https://ww1.cartooncrazy.uno

6. KissCartoon

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
KissCartoon.xyz is similar site like KissAnime, which has a large collection of anime content. The KissCartoon.nz website’s most intricate feature is that it hosts the streaming of over 1,000 cartoon videos. KissCartoon website is also frequently updated with new content. This way, you’ll never get tired of watching anime videos to calm your nerves.

Website: https://kiss-cartoon.io

7. AnimePahe

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
AnimePahe is well-known among anime fans. It has a massive database of anime videos and series with proper subtitles, many of which are beautifully dubbed in English. It has an outstanding user interface that makes it simple for users to navigate. The number of ads that appear in between is very low, making it a website worth visiting at least once.

Website: https://animepahe.com

8. ToonJet

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
If you’re still a fan of Anime, you’ve come to the right place. ToonJet is unquestionably one of the most well-known websites for watching free Anime online without any difficulty.

Further, You do not need to sign up for the website in order to use its services. The website provides free access to classic evergreen animes such as Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, and many more.

Website: http://www.toonjet.com

9. OtakuStream

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
OtakuStream.tv is one of the best sites like WatchCartoonOnline for watching anime series and movies online for free. The UI is very well designed, making it easy to navigate the OtakuStream website.

The massive collection of anime movies and series is divided into genres such as comedy, drama, romance, action, thriller, and so on. Further, OtakuStream.tv has a search bar where you can look for your favorite anime shows.

Website: https://otakustream.siteunblocked.info

10. AnimeShow

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
AnimeShows is one of the best websites for watching high-quality anime series and movies. Its HD feature provides its users with an excellent viewing experience. In addition, all of the anime shows on the AnimeShow website have been properly dubbed in English. AnimeShow.tv has one of the most comprehensive collections of popular anime series, including Dragon Ball Super.

Website: https://www2.animeshow.tv

11. AnimeUltima

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
If you’re looking for a dubbed anime, AnimeUltima.eu is the place to go. One of the most notable differences between AnimeUltima website and other websites is that the movies and series are dubbed in English.

It has a massive database of over 4000 Anime Movies and Shows, all of which are dubbed. In addition to dubbing, it provides subtitles in a variety of languages. AnimeUltima site has a special place among anime fans due to its excellent features.

Website: https://www1.animeultima.to

12. SuperCartoons

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives
SuperCartoons is yet another website where you can watch cartoons online. It has a fantastic collection of over a thousand classic cartoons available for free online. You can watch cartoon content here indefinitely without interruption.

One amazing feature of this website is that as a user, you can search for cartoons by the names of cartoon characters such as Micky Mouse, Goofy, Tom and Jerry, and many more.

Website: https://www.supercartoons.net

13. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime.tv is yet another excellent resource for free anime streaming. With high video resolution, Chia-Anime website improves the viewing experience of your favorite Anime. This Chia-Anime website also contains all of the well-known anime series, mega-series, and Asian dramas.

Furthermore, Chia-Anime.tv has a simple and beautiful user interface that makes navigation extremely simple for users. In addition, it receives frequent updates. And, The best part about using their services is that you can download your favorite Anime in mp4 format.

Website: https://chia-anime.su

14. AnimeHeros

AnimeHeros is a newcomer to the world of anime websites. It also has an excellent collection of all the current popular anime shows. Because the website is updated on a regular basis, AnimeHeros is able to stream all of the most recent Anime shows online.

It has a very easy-to-use interface. Although there are no advertisements on the homepage, you may encounter some pop-ups while watching videos online. Also, You can watch your favorite anime shows in high definition.

Website: https://animeheros.com

15. AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak website was created specifically for anime fans like us. It’s, without a doubt 1 of the best anime websites for free anime video and series streaming. You do not need to sign up to use the AnimeFreak.tv website’s services.

Anime Freaks has grown in popularity in many countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Japan. Even though there are fewer advertisements, you should still visit this Anime Freak tv website. It also has over 10,000 episodes of various anime shows.

Website: https://animefreak.ws

16. Cartoon8

Cartoon8 is also one of the best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives, where you can easily access online streaming of animated cartoons. You can watch your favorite animated cartoon shows without having to download anything.

Furthermore, you do not need to register to use its services and continue watching cartoon shows in HD quality. Importantly, the high-definition quality of anime shows provides a worthwhile experience.

Website: https://cartoon8.tv

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So that brings us to the conclusion of our list of the 16 WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives. We have written a brief review of some of the best cartoon streaming sites in this article. Furthermore, while streaming, some may have pop-ups, but this should not deter you from trying these websites. All of the listed websites are a good WatchCartoonOnline Alternative due to their unique features.

Now, You do not have to limit yourself to one website and can continue to experiment with others. This will broaden your anime content access as well as enhance your experience with various new websites. Finally, if you are new to the world of Anime, this list will be a useful tool for you to gain access to various types of anime shows and series. If you have another fantastic alternative, please share it with us in the comments section.

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