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18 Best WatchSeries Alternatives To Watch Series Online

by Mike
WatchSeries Alternatives

Nowadays, you don’t need to own a TV to watch TV shows. A computer with a network connection is sufficient. Thanks to the internet, now we can access enticing TV content. Speaking of which, WatchSeries is a fantastic website where we can watch series free.

However, with our increasing demands for viewing enjoyment, the experience when using WatchSeries appears to be no longer in line with its fame or how things were previously – Users continue to complain about how unstable the website is, how annoying their ads and redirects are; the website does not appear to be simple enough for new users; WatchSeries is not working, or WatchSeries is down from time to time… These are the things why we dislike it. Don’t be concerned! Here are 18 WatchSeries alternatives to try if you want to watch series online.

What Happened To WatchSeries Online?

WatchSeries has a large library of popular and not-so-popular TV shows that you can manage in your spare time. There are numerous WatchSeries alternatives available, but the WatchSeries has proven to be the most useful in terms of content, video streaming quality, and user interface. Watch Series is completely free for all users, and it frequently makes money through ads. It is one of the things that can irritate you when you receive a series on it.

WatchSeries Unblocked: What Are WatchSeries Proxy And Mirror Sites?

The WatchSeries Proxy and Mirrors are the best ways to unblock WatchSeries.

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18 Best WatchSeries Alternatives – Sites like WatchSeries

While all Watch Series fans are dissatisfied, we have GOOD NEWS!! Now that you’ve got me, yes, the old WatchSeries.to website is currently down. However, we have the best WatchSeries Alternatives that will brighten your day! So, continue reading until you have a complete understanding of the best platforms that will serve the same purpose as the WatchSeries websites. In this article, we’ve covered all of the best Sites like WatchSeries to help you channel your inner movie buff and watch all of your favorite shows on the go!

1. SolarMovie

WatchSeries Alternatives

The first on our list of the best WatchSeries alternatives is SolarMovie to watch series online free. Well, It’s one of the most popular and well-known websites for providing entertaining services of movies and series. So why shouldn’t it be? This website has a plethora of entertaining and well-known TV shows and movies. In addition, everything in SolarMovie is free. Furthermore, you are not required to register in order to use the website.

Whether you are in the mood to watch documentaries, animation, or science fiction, you can open the website, and you will always get the desired results because this website has covered it all. The steps for navigating this website are also fairly simple and straightforward. In addition, you have this search bar to search for or whatever movie or series you want to watch, making it one of the best sites like WatchSeries.

Website: https://wwv.solarmovie.one

2. Crackle

WatchSeries Alternatives

Well, This is without a doubt one of the best WatchSeries alternatives in the video streaming space, and it has the advantage of being completely free and legal. Furthermore, because this service is owned by Sony Pictures, you can expect to find some older Sony movies for free. In addition, this platform contains some original content for users to find.

As you might expect, Crackle contains a bunch of ads, which is how Sony manages to keep the entire operation afloat. Ads are, however, something that Watch Series users are used to, so this won’t necessarily be a deal-breaker for many. The best part about Crackle is that users do not need to sign up to begin watching content. Creating an account, on the other hand, allows you to watch the track of which shows you’ve already seen and gives you access to some other useful features.

Website: https://www.crackle.com

3. Putlocker

WatchSeries Alternatives

The name of this website is Putlocker, but don’t be misled; this website does not put any locks but instead offers fantastic web series and TV shows for free. Putlocker can be used to watch entertaining movies as well as shows and sitcoms. Putlocker is one of the best sites like WatchSeries to watch series online . On this site, you can watch everything from old classics to the most recent releases without paying a dime or having to wade through a slew of reviews and advertisements.

The Putlocker is suitable for any mood; whether it is sad emotional movies or comedy series, every genre is available to watch. This website, on the other hand, does not host any movies or TV shows on its server and instead relies on third parties to do so. So you may have to navigate from one link to another, but aside from that, this website is very user-friendly, simple to use, and, most importantly, it is free.

Website: https://putlocker-is.org

4. Popcornflix

WatchSeries Alternatives

The name of this website implies that it is now time for you to grab your popcorn and relax with the thousands of entertainment options available on Popcornflix. This website is also one of the best sites like WatchSeries to watch series online. Everything is available to watch on Popcornflix, from the best Dramas to the legendary American shows Friends. In addition, this website covers a wide variety of genres, such as science fiction, documentaries, biography, and so on.

You can also watch popular 90s cartoons like Popeye the Sailor Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Strawberry Shortcake. This site’s navigation can be a little difficult or complicated. The website does, however, categorize the contents by genre, and there is also a search bar above all to find & search for whatever TV series or movie you are looking for. And did I mention that everything is completely free? Yes, everything on this website is completely free to watch, and you do not need to sign up or register for anything to watch a series or a movie.

Website: https://popcornflix.com

5. Tubi TV

WatchSeries Alternatives

The Tubi TV is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for one of the best WatchSeries alternatives on the market. It offers all of the essential features of a free streaming site, as well as an impressive interface and a large selection of TV shows and TV series from around the world.

We like the fact that it offers excellent speed for all of its content, though it is recommended that you use it with a high-speed VPN provider to get the best speeds based on your geographical location. Tubi TV is great for discovering shows or movies that you may not have heard of before, in addition to finding popular TV shows.

Website: https://tubitv.com

6. 123Movies

WatchSeries Alternatives

One of the best sites like WatchSeries is 123Movies to watch series online. The reason for this is its never-ending supply of entertainment options in the number of movies and TV shows. Every country’s movie and show content, from Indian to American, is available to watch on 123Movies. In addition, there are numerous genres available with a number of movies and TV shows like Four more shots please, The line of duty, Money heist, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, and so on.

Total Bellas, Flack, Zoey’s extraordinary playlist, Criminal Minds, and other 2021 releases are also available. And the best part of 123Movies is that it’s all completely free. Furthermore, you are not required to register in order to watch something. All you’ve to do is open the website, type in what you’re looking for, and you’ll have what you’re looking for. With such reasons and benefits, it’s safe to say that 123Movies is an ideal platform for TV shows and movies and thus one of the best WatchSeries alternatives.

Website: https://ww1.123moviesfree.net

7. PrimeWire

WatchSeries Alternatives

Yes, WatchSeries.to was a fantastic website, but PrimeWire has some stiff competition. Nevertheless, PrimeWire is one of the best sites like WatchSeries because of its amazing features and outstanding and up-to-date collection of TV shows and movies. PrimeWire, similar to WatchSeries, is a website where you can watch TV shows and movies for free. Furthermore, this website has almost no ads that pop up on your screen, so you won’t have to move through the annoyance phase when using PrimeWire.

This website is very easy to use. It also shows IMDB ratings and the genre under the title of the series or movies. Almost every TV series is available to stream online for free on this website without the need for payment or registration. This website contains all seasons of popular shows such as The Vampire Diaries and How I Met Your Mother. You can also leave feedback or filter your suggestions on this website. With so many benefits, PrimeWire emerges as one of the best WatchSeries alternatives.

Website: https://primewire.show

8. SideReel

WatchSeries Alternatives

The SideReel has the advantage of having a large library of TV shows and TV series that appeal to almost every viewer. What distinguishes this offering is the presence of a social aspect that allows users to leave reviews for a show.

Nevertheless, some of these features will require the user to sign up for the service, complicating matters for those who are hesitant to share personal information online. While the most popular TV shows are displayed at the top, you can also search for movies or TV shows by genre, among other filters. Given the number of features it offers, this is undoubtedly one of the best WatchSeries alternatives.

Website: https://www.sidereel.com

9. Hulu

WatchSeries Alternatives

The next on our list of the best sites like WatchSeries is Hulu to watch series online. Similar to WatchSeries, Hulu offers a substantial number of entertaining content in a genre of genres. Watch Hachi: A Dog’s Tale on Hulu if you want to cry over a dog. Do you want to laugh at two dummies? Hulu has a streaming service where you can watch Dumb and Dumber. Are you looking for a good mood? On Hulu, you can watch Conjuring.

In short, regardless of your mood or the type of movie or TV series you desire to watch, you can go to the Hulu website and be entertained with the desired results. Everything from Disney to Warner Bros. is available on Hulu. Even navigation and streaming are easy, and the website is extremely user-friendly. This website, however, is not free, and you will have to pay $12.99 per month to gain access to it. The site does, however, offer a free trial for which you must register.

Website: https://www.hulu.com

10. FMovies

WatchSeries Alternatives

If you haven’t heard of FMovies yet, you’ve been missing out on a lot of free entertainment. Sites like FMovies provide free services for watching the most recent or oldest releases of TV shows and movies, making it one of the best sites like WatchSeries. In addition, you can stream in HD quality online without having to deal with any annoying advertisements. The navigation is also quick and simple, with the search bar displayed in the center. You also do not have to log in or register because the website allows you to do so.

However, if you log in, which is a free process, the website can keep track of what you’ve watched and display you better recommendations and suggestions based on your preferences. IMDB ratings are displayed, and we can sort TV shows and movies by country as well as genre. Also, You can keep up with the latest news by visiting this website.

Website: https://fmovies.app

11. Vudu

WatchSeries Alternatives

The Vudu is one of those platforms where you can find almost anything, whether it’s full-length movies or TV shows you desire to watch, making it similar to, but possibly better than, WatchSeries.to. The best part of Vudu is that this is a very polished streaming site that makes accessing all of the movies/TV shows fairly simple.

Vudu has a large selection of free movies and TV shows to watch, though they are all ad-supported. Users can also buy or rent movies through Vudu, so there is something for everyone. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to find some of the most recent TV shows or series for free on Vudu. We were also impressed by the high-definition video available on the platform.

Vudu also has a decent set of filters to show you videos related to a specific genre, which can help you discover new movies and TV shows. The best part is that Vudu is available everywhere in the world, including the United States, so you can start watching full-length movies or TV shows right away. Users who are interested can also get the Vudu Android and iOS apps for free.

Website: https://www.vudu.com

12. Vumoo

WatchSeries Alternatives

Vumoo is another website on the list of WatchSeries alternatives, and the reason for this is the high-quality streaming and number of entertaining content that Vumoo offers. This website’s layout and graphics are so impressive that it could be mistaken for Netflix. Having said that, the navigation is extremely simple, thanks to features such as the search bar, filter, trending, and so on. You can switch between movies and TV shows, and you can get recommendations for any specific type you want. And everything is completely free.

Popular animes such as Dragon Ball and Naruto are also available to watch for free on this extremely entertaining website. It also displays information such as the IMDB rating, runtime, and release date. Furthermore, this website keeps track of what you watch and, as a result, makes suggestions based on your preferences. From old classics to new thrillers, literally, every genre is available on this website, making it one of the best sites like WatchSeries.

Website: http://vumoo.to

13. Soap2Day

This is yet another free site like WatchSeries that allows you to watch a TV show or series online. There are, of course, movies available. The provider specifies that, while all of the videos are free and do not require the sharing of email addresses or a lengthy signup process, they do contain a few advertisements. This site, as the name suggests, is also great for finding your favorite soaps and movies. We also like how users can search for their favorite movies or TV shows, similar to how they do on streaming websites. If you’re looking for the best WatchSeries alternatives, give this one a shot.

Website: https://www.ssoap2day.to

14. MoviesJoy

Next on our list of the best WatchSeries alternatives is MoviesJoy to watch series online free. It has an excellent user interface as well as a large selection of free TV shows and movies. While it is very similar to sites like WatchSeries, it does contain some hidden TV series that you may not find elsewhere. MoviesJoy.to’s providers have an Android app, but it is only available in the form of an APK, which requires manually flashing the app onto your phone. On the home page, there is a trending section that shows the latest movies and TV shows that are available in HD quality.

Website: https://moviesjoy.to

15. FlixTor

FlixTor, similar to WatchSeries, is a popular online streaming service with millions of users worldwide. The site has thousands of TV show sources and updates the shows frequently. Under the “My List” options, you can also create your own list and select the shows you want to watch. The website’s attractive UI and design are engaging and appealing to the user. One of the notable benefits of using FlixTor is that there is no need to register on the site to use its services, and it is completely free.

Website: https://flixtor.video

16. CouchTuner

This site is relatively new in the world of TV show streaming sites. It is not entirely one of the WatchSeries alternatives, but it does watch some really good online content. It has a simple section where you can explore and watch TV shows. To view the TV shows, you do not need to create an account. Go to the website and choose the show you want to see. The site’s unique selling point is its ease of use. You can easily watch any TV series with this.

Website: https://www.couchtuner.win

17. CMovies

CMovies HD allows you to watch TV shows and popular movies. Well, The homepage of the website is filled with TV shows and movies organized alphabetically by series. Meanwhile, you can view all available TV shows by clicking the “TV-Series” tab. By clicking the “Filter” button, you can quickly sort and filter the TV series based on genre, country, release date, and show quality. In addition, you can use the search bar to search for your favorite TV series. On the “Top IMDb” tab, you can also see the most well-known and highly rated TV shows.

Website: https://cmovies.ac

18. TVPlayer

It’s one of the best WatchSeries alternatives. The best part about TVPlayer is that it is entirely focused on TV shows, making it a more professional-looking streaming website. The website includes information about the channel schedule and the programs that will be available to view. It is one of the best options for high-quality streaming of TV channels and shows. The user interface is straightforward and simple to use. You can search for your favorite TV shows from a list of hundreds.

Website: https://tvplayer.com

Wrapping Up: WatchSeries Alternatives

WatchSeries.to was one of the best platforms for watching TV shows from all over the world. People were curious about what happened to WatchSeries online after it was shut down. Although the website has not been restored, we have these WatchSeries alternatives that offer comparable services with even better content. As a result, if you are missing the WatchSeriesHD, visit these sites like WatchSeries to get a similar experience.

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