Is Wordle Too Easy? Try These Harder Alternatives

Harder Wordle Alternatives 2023: Wordle is a word puzzle game in which players get 24 hours and six chances to predict a five-letter word. It is extremely entertaining and addictive, so millions of people play it daily and discuss it on social networks.

If you’ve played Wordle game for over a few days, you know it’s only tough for a little period. However, after you’ve mastered the fundamental strategies, Wordle becomes too easy.

So, what if you desire something more challenging?

Fortunately, there is a higher level of word games that will leave you wondering what letters may make sense together for hours.

Need a harder Wordle? Try these extra-difficult versions: In this guide, I will examine seven Wordle alternatives that are considerably more challenging and will truly test your mental capacity.

7 Harder Wordle Alternatives

Here is the list of the top-rated Wordle Alternatives to Try if you’re obsessed.

1. Sedecordle

Lets talk about the most harder Wordle alternatives you should try. Brad Bednar created it in February 2022 and now has over two hundred thousand daily gamers.

In this game, it is still determined how letters should be arranged to form words. While in Wordle, it is usually simple to predict the next letter, in Sedecordle, you must figure out 16 different secret words simultaneously, each of which requires a different type of logic to solve.

In addition, you have only 21 chances to guess them all. It may seem like a lot of pressure, but it enhances the game’s enjoyment. It compels you to carefully consider each word and study the clues with greater scrutiny.

Sedecordle offers a straightforward user interface. A simple keyboard and two 215 grids are juxtaposed on a black background.

To view the remaining 14 boards, you must scroll down, or you can click on the numbers at the top of the grid to toggle between them. If you click the “5-6” box, for instance, you’ll be able to focus solely on those puzzles.

As you select letters, they will be concurrently applied to all options. Once “Enter” is pressed, the matching locations on the grid will be highlighted in green if they are part of a correctly spelt secret word or yellow if they are misspelled.

In addition, no other apps or software are required to play Sedecordle. The game is free on its official website, accessed from desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets.

Additionally, no advertisements allow you to play the game uninterrupted.

In addition, like Wordle, the game contains a social component that makes the experience more competitive. If you can solve all 16 words, you can publish your answers on any social networking site.

2. Absurdle

Absurdle is a five-letter word guessing game that can be played free in any web browser, similar to Wordle. However, there is a twist: the winning word on any given puzzle varies with each guess, making this one of the crazier variations to the addictive game.

Absurdle begins by presenting five empty squares and a keyboard on the screen. Your objective is to fill in each tile with the correct letter so that each row of letters is green.

If your estimates are in the correct position, the tiles will change green; otherwise, they will turn yellow. Not included in the secret word will be marked in black.

The screen will reload with new blank rows each time a guess is entered.

Absurdle is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that interprets this. But, unfortunately, it alters the answer each time you play until the very end, and you can only guess the correct word when there are practically no other choices.

It makes it more difficult to locate the appropriate term, but it also allows you to take risks and try out words you wouldn’t ordinarily consider.

The most remarkable aspect of Absurdle is that, unlike Wordle, you can play it multiple times each day, and there are no attempt restrictions. Additionally, advertisements do not appear every few seconds.

In addition, if you’re searching for something even more complicated, Absurdle offers four extra difficult modes:

A “Timed mode” offers you 60 seconds to consider your options before making a decision. This version requires you to make quick decisions and not overthink your guesses. Therefore it is best suited for more experienced players.

In “Hard mode,” your guesses must be based on letters disclosed in green or yellow in prior problems. You can also select the “Expanded word list” mode to allow Absurdle to employ unusual terms by expanding its word list.

The most difficult mode is Challenge mode. This variant of Absurdle requires that you know the exact words that will comprise the secret word.

It necessitates intimate knowledge of Absurdle’s AI. Therefore it is only suggested for people already familiar with the game.

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3. Octordle 

Octordle is another game similar to Wordle but much more difficult. It employs the same fundamental premise: you are given a grid of letters and must decipher the hidden words.

However, rather than guessing a single word in six tries, the objective of Octordle is to predict eight five-letter words with only 13 chances.

It adds a strategy aspect not available in Wordle: the amount of words you seek to cover concurrently. You’ll need to guess eight unique hidden words simultaneously, making the importance of your starting words greater than ever before.

Now, the gameplay is identical: using the on-screen keyboard, you must type a five-letter phrase to determine whether it is correct and receive hints to continue playing.

When you guess one of the hidden words in a given grid, that grid will be sealed off and you can continue attempting to decipher the other words.

The game’s most challenging aspect is keeping track of the letters and words in each grid. Given that each word has eight distinct alternatives, it is impossible to display them all at once.

You will have to scroll down to monitor your hits and misses continuously. Even if you determine the majority of the letters in one of the terms, they may not correspond to any of the other seven options.

In contrast, Octordle puzzles do not have a 24-hour time constraint. Instead, you can play daily, and there is endless content in many more game modes, some of which feature more difficult riddles than the original.

For instance, theme-based challenges and a “Daily Rescue” mode allow you to solve as many puzzles as you desire with fixed starting phrases.

These modes are available in the free edition; however, becoming an Octodle gold member unlocks even more features.

By making a one-time payment of $8, you will gain access to an ad-free game experience, which is advantageous if you wish to play uninterrupted.

In addition to progress backup, restoration, and sync options, the premium version also offers a list of helpful introductory phrases.

Check the Octordle pricing page for the most recent pricing information.

4. Kilordle

Kilordle is another difficult alternative to Wordle. It is a mind-bending word puzzle in which you must guess 1,000 words rather than solve a single one.

Here is how it operates: The user interface of Kilordle consists of numerous 65 grids and a simple on-screen keyboard.

It would help if you typed a five-letter word and then pressed the “GO” button to submit a guess. Kilordle will turn all the letters in the correct tiles green if you answer correctly.

If not, they turn yellow. It will also display your successes and failures on 40 puzzles so you don’t have to guess individually.

However, unlike other Wordle alternatives, Kilordle only demands you to answer some of the word puzzles simultaneously; in fact, doing so would be impossible. The objective of this game is to obtain five consecutive green letters in as few attempts as possible.

The gimmick is that once you enter a word in the first round, the tiles get locked, preventing you from changing your letter selection. It provides additional difficulty, as you must consider your early decisions carefully.

For instance, in this game, your opening words are crucial. Since there are so many potential answers, it is advisable to begin with, vowels so that you can build longer words.

Kilordle is not limited to forming words with specific letter combinations while avoiding others; it also requires strategy and forethought.

In addition, Kilordle provides no more tips or ideas to help you identify the correct response. You must rely on your intelligence if you become stuck in this game.

The good news is that there are no restrictions or bounds when preparing and devising methods for your next guess. You can take your time and experiment with various word combinations without fear of reaching a dead end.

Another advantage of Kilordle is that it is entirely free. Additionally, there are no in-app transactions, so you cannot purchase additional features that simplify the game. To win this game, you must put in the effort!

However, I’ve discovered that Kilordle is about practicing as often as possible. You will get better the more you play, so do your best, and don’t be scared to be creative.

5. Semantle

Next in our list of the popular and best Wordle alternatives is Semantle. It is an additional harder alternative to Wordle. It takes the Wordle concept and makes it more difficult by expanding the rules to include proper spelling and meaning.

Instead of merely choosing words that include the correct sequence of letters, you must find terms that have a comparable meaning to the secret word.

Fortunately, Semantle allows as many attempts as necessary to find the answer. Nonetheless, winning this game might be difficult for several reasons:

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For starters, the game does not provide any hints, so you must make the most of each attempt to get closer to the solution.

Semantle provides a Hot and Cold meter that indicates how close or far away you are from the correct answer. If the word you choose has little or no resemblance to the solution, the game will assign it a similarity score on a scale from 0 to 100, such as 30.70 out of 100.

If a word’s score reaches 100, the similarity ranking will change to a scale of one thousand. It indicates that your word option is “hot,” and you’ll be able to see how close you are to deciphering the secret word.

Nonetheless, there is one more catch. For instance, if the word of the day is “happy” or something similar, using the terms “joyful” and “content” will not necessarily result in a high similarity score.

Capitalized words, terminologies, or phrases unusual in everyday speech or do not share the same context as the response will be of little use.

In addition, Semantle is driven by Word2vec, a neural network that learns word connections based on a data set of 5,000 words.

This algorithm has found slightly more complex correlations between words that you wouldn’t expect in a word puzzle game.

Semantle contains unique social and accomplishment features as a bonus. In addition, unlike Wordle, this game can be played in teams.

Click the “Play with Friends” button in the screen’s upper-right corner to obtain the code that grants everyone access to a private game area. Then, send this code to others by email or text message so they can join.

In addition, if you have a Twitter account and connect it to the game, your progress will be saved across all devices. You will be able to view both your single and team game statistics.

6. Quordle

Quordle takes everything that is excellent about Wordle and amplifies the difficulty by adding four grids. It means that, in order to win the game, you will need to simultaneously guess four secret words, rather than just one.

It may appear straightforward, but it can rapidly become extremely intricate. For example, because there are so many different letter combinations for each set of letters, it would take an eternity to determine them all.

To participate, select letters from the keyboard at the bottom of the page and press “Enter.” Once processing is complete, it will indicate which letters are accurate in green and which are erroneous in yellow.

Quordle contains additional characteristics that differentiate it from Wordle. First, you will only have nine opportunities to guess the correct response.

In addition, there is a “Practice Mode.” If you become stuck during one of the daily games, you can use this mode to test your skills or familiarise yourself with the game before entering the daily ranking.

You can play Quordle once every day and save your progress so that you can return to the game at any moment throughout the next 24 hours.

7. Dordle

Dordle is a fun and addictive word puzzle game for people seeking something similar to Wordle but with increased complexity.

It is frequently referred to as the “double version” of Wordle, whose objective is to guess two words rather than one.

However, you will not need twice as many attempts to reach your objective. Instead of six, there will be only seven.

It compels you to radically alter your tactics and consider each attempt with greater care.

You must decide at each juncture whether to obtain additional information and hints to boost your chances of solving both words or sacrifice one to uncover the other.

In the interface of Dordle, you will see two grids side-by-side. For example, input a five-letter word; the correct answers will be highlighted in green, while incorrect answers will be highlighted in yellow.

In addition, the “Free Dordle” mode of Dordle allows you to play an unlimited number of new puzzles every day.

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It creates fresh opportunities for play, giving players more time to strategize and experiment with different combinations than if they had to solve each word individually.

Wrap Up

While Wordle’s simplicity has charm, you may want something more challenging and tough.

All of the games I’ve listed above take the same principle and add variations that make them more challenging, engaging, and entertaining.

However, the most difficult alternative is Absurdle. The AI makes strategic moves that can constantly impact your gameplay and force you to test your abilities. It is far more intellectually stimulating than Wordle and more suited to satisfy diehard word-game fans.

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