Who Exactly is Yoriichi Tsugikuni? Is He Connected to Tanjiro?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni is a key figure in the Demon Slayer nation. However, nothing is known about this amazing Demon Slayer.

We’ve lately made a significant investment in Demon Slayer. And, to be honest, who can blame us? The anime is simply amazing at keeping us engaged in new episodes. “The Entertainment District,” the newest arc, is shaping out to be one of the most exciting ever.

Things are increasingly heating up, and a lot of fresh information is emerging, such as significant narrative aspects and new people. Not to mention the awesome battle sequences.

We appreciated the battles with Daki the most out of all the recent fights. We’re not going to lie: she’s highly egotistical and irritating, but she fights back. We won’t forget her struggle with Tanjiro and Nezuko anytime soon.

But we’re not really here to discuss Daki’s battle, are we? We’ve got something much more fascinating to discuss. During the struggle between Daki and Tanjiro, the obi demon had a flashback of a guy. She learns that what she was seeing were Muzan’s memories.

The issue now is, who is that strange man? Why was Daki terrified when she saw him?

You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re wondering. We’ll tell you who the mystery demon slayer is, so sit back and relax as you read! and also check Best Anime Streaming Sites

Who Is the Secret Demon Slayer of Muzan’s Memories?

Those of you who believe it is Tanjiro’s father are mistaken. Yoriichi Tsugikuni, a former demon slayer, is the man in Muzan’s recollections. Yoriichi is maybe the most revered demon slayer in history.

Yoriichi was considered as the model demon slayer by the rest of the corps. Even referring to him as a type of historical legend isn’t going too far. Furthermore, this figure is comparable to the God of Demon Slayer Corps. Many battle dolls were based on him since he was the epitome of a demon slayer in every way.

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Tsugikuni Yoeiichi

If the idea that Yoriichi was regarded as a deity shocks you, you will be astounded to learn that he is the progenitor of different sword breath methods that modern-day demon slayers so effortlessly employ. Yes, you read that correctly.

Yoriichi was the one who used to perform the Sun Breath method. The other breathing methods are just imitations of the Sun Breath. Yoriichi, of course, devised the rest of the sword breath styles himself (On a side note, he reminds us of Otsutsuki Kaguya from Naruto, the origin of all powers and all).

Before we go any further, Yoriichi had (or has) a sibling who became a demon because he envied the former’s might. That monster is Kokushibo, Upper Kizuki. Only one demon. Yes, the monster who is only second to Muzan himself.

In Daki’s memories, why was Muzan afraid of Yoriichi?

We never dreamed Kibutsuji Muzan (the demonic Micheal Jackson) would be terrified of anybody. This demon has been around for millennia and is well-versed in battle and demonic skills.

Nonetheless, Yoriichi was able to impart such profound terror and trauma in Muzan that even the demons holding his cells felt their bones shake. We witnessed Daki’s reaction to the recollections.

Kibutsuji Muzan

It was due to Yoriichi’s ability to bring Muzan to the edge of death in the blink of an eye. Yoriichi may have been the only one who came close to slaying the Demon King.

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Muzan, of course, managed to flee, but the struggle left him scarred for decades. So much so that he wanted Tanjiro murdered just because the youngster was wearing Hanfuda earrings (Yoriichi really possessed the earrings). That leads us to…)

Is Yoriichi related to Tanjiro?

A huge fat NO. It is a widely held misconception among fans that Tanjiro and Yoriichi are related. They aren’t, though.

So, how did Tanjiro come upon the Hanafuda earrings? Why is Tanjiro able to employ the Sun Breath Technique? How did his father find out?

Tanjuro Tanjiros Father

Tanjiro claims that the earrings belonged to his father Tanjuro and were handed down through the family as heirlooms. It’s an intriguing truth because the earrings belonged to Yoriichi.

But what are the chances? Yoriichi had a close buddy named “Kamado Sumiyoshi,” who is Tanjiro’s true ancestor. Sumiyoshi may have inherited those earrings as well as Yoriichi’s understanding of the Sun Breath (and Hinokami Kagura). He must have passed on his knowledge to his progeny.

To summarise, Tanjiro and Yoriichi are not related; nonetheless, the former’s ancestor was a close friend of the famed demon hunter.


Oh, and Tanjiro’s burn mark on his forehead (similar to Yoriichi’s) was just coincidental. When hot water spilled on the boy’s face, he got it. So there’s that as well.

We know that was a lot of information to take in. However, it is a very important and fascinating detail from Demon Slayer history. If there is anything more you need to know, we are more than pleased to assist you. Put them in the comments!


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