Top 26 Best Yuri Anime You Must Know

Yuri Anime You Must Know: Boy meets girl; an attractive girl does not fall in love with a boy. Romance and relationships between girls, most popular in the shojo anime genre, have gained more mainstream attention, with series featuring endearing and awkward first loves. Start new friendships, learn more about old ones, and come to terms with who they are and who they want to be and be with by following the sweet and feisty in their sweetness, drama, and misunderstandings.

Top 26 Best Yuri Anime You Must Know

The most popular Yuri Anime has been compiled in the list below. A list of the best Yuri Anime is presented below.

1. Bloom Into You

Yuri Anime

The best Yuri Anime is Bloom Into You. Yuu Koito has long aspired to experience the shoujo manga equivalent of the romantic, picture-perfect moment when an individual declares their undying love for her. That enchanted moment is reminiscent of something from a fairy tale! But she feels nothing when the moment eventually arrives—when her junior high classmate declares his love for her. As a senior in high school, Yuu’s feelings regarding love are stale and devoid of depth. Although she has heard the term “fall in love,” she has never personally experienced it. At that moment, Yuu encounters Touko Nanami, an ideal candidate for student council president. Yuu overhears Touko courteously rejecting a love confession by accident. Yuu then approaches the student council president seeking guidance on love; however, she is taken aback when Touko abruptly confesses to her!

2. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Yuri Anime

16-year-olds Yachiyo Inugami and Suzu Nekoyama are opposed, notwithstanding their names. Nekoyama is an extremely shy and temperamental dog, whereas Inugami is an active and amusing cat. They make the greatest friends because of their contrasting identities and personalities. When Mikine Nezu, a classmate of Inugami, invites them to join her Biology Club, their dynamic transforms quickly. Nekoyama and Nezu start playing a cat-and-mouse game, while Inugami and Nezu get along quickly. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is the best Yuri Anime.

3. Kanamewo

Yuri Anime

A young woman is caught in a terrible downpour one day while cycling home from work when she finds a shrine to a goddess being demolished for construction. The woman brings the goddess back to her home after saving her. With the construction dismantling her shrine, will the goddess be able to live through it? The two quickly become friends and develop a close relationship. If she does so, will the young woman be capable of releasing her?

4. Riddle Story of Devil

Yuri Anime

The best Yuri Anime is Devil’s Riddle Story. Just now, thirteen girls were relocated to Class Black of Myoujou Academy, a prestigious private institution for girls. For the most part, the students in the class are employed as assassins, except Haru Ichinose, a 15-year-old girl, who is the target of the activity. Their every desire will be granted if they eliminate Haru. Those who do not succeed will be expelled. Simply put, that is it. At the very least, it would have been if Tokaku hadn’t been afraid of the innocent yet sweet Haru and pledged to protect the pigtailed end from the rest of her assassin classmates.

5. Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Yuri Anime

16-year-old Hazumu Osaragi mustered the fortitude to declare his love for Yasuna Kamiizumi, a close friend and classmate who promptly rejected him. Depressed, Hazumu ascends a mountain; after that, as is customary, an extraterrestrial spacecraft unintentionally destroys him. Hazumu can return to life thanks to the extraterrestrial, but he brings him back as a girl instead. Hazumu meets Yasuna after he returns to school, and she unexpectedly declares her love for him. Her new life as a girl has the potential to become considerably more complicated and perplexing. Thank you, extraterrestrial beings.

6. Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Yuri Anime

Chikane Himemiya has always been shy and assertive, while Himeko Kurusugawa is a beautiful but good-hearted 16-year-old girl. Notwithstanding this, they are joined by a unique connection: they are reincarnations of the Mikos from the sun and moon. They are inseparable in their love; nothing can ever separate them. An unknown evil attacks Himeko and Chikane on their shared birthday. Their priestess abilities are finally released, and they must work together to defeat the evil threatening their lives—some much closer to home than they realize. Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is the best Yuri Anime.

7. Candy Boy: Nonchalant Talk of the Certain Twin Sister in Daily Life

Yuri Anime

Kanade and Yukino Sakurai, 17 years old, are twin sisters who have always been very close. They even moved out together when they began secondary school together. Their dynamic changes when Sakuya Kamiyama, a first-year student, starts hanging out with Yukino. Assuming they are romantically involved, Kanade attempts to give them space. Yukino discloses that Sakuya has been following Kanade and attempting to obtain confidential information from Yukino. Will Sakuya’s fixation drive the siblings further apart, or will it bring them closer than ever before?

8. Kanamemo

Yuri Anime

The best Yuri Anime is Kanamewo. This series, not to be confounded with Kanamewo, centers around Kana Nakamachi, who is 13 years old. After her grandmother passes away, Kana ends up in a vacant home and is concerned that she will be unable to afford to remain there. Without a job or any money, Kana finds the Fushin Gazette, a newspaper delivery company that offers her a place to live in exchange for her cooperation. Kana agrees and must adjust to work hours, canines who dislike her courier job, and a delivery competitor. Fortunately, Kana’s distinctive group of colleagues at Fushin Gazette provides her with support, which keeps her busy and mindful.

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9. Maria†Holic

Yuri Anime

Although she, like her parents, discovers love, Kanako Miyamae is petrified of males. In pursuit of the love of her life, she ultimately ends up transferring to Ame no Kisaki Catholic School for Girls. Conversely, she encounters her new housemate, Mariya Shidou, who threatens to divulge Kanako’s sinister intentions to all. Soon after that, Kanako uncovers a secret that will silence Mariya: she is, in fact, a male who engages in cross-dressing. The two are now united by secrets that may bring them closer than they initially believed. Still, will it develop into love?

10. Sakura Trick

Yuri Anime

Yuu Sonoda and Haruka Takayama have been close friends since middle school, and they are both excited to start high school. Simply by being there, they end up in the same classroom, albeit with seats on opposing sides. Furthermore, as the third-year students of Misato West High School prepare to depart, they will be the last first-years. It is not a problem; their friendship will persist. But as Yuu begins to make more friends, Haruka starts to feel envious and fears she may lose her closest friend. Yuu confides in Haruka that she shares her concerns, and the two engage in a passionate kiss that will eternally change their friendship and create a “special bond” between them.

11. Yuri Kuma Arashi

Yuri Anime

The best Yuri Anime is Arashi Kuma before a meteor discharge struck Earth and caused the bears to become violent and develop a desire for human flesh; humans and bear humanoids used to live side by side in peace and harmony. Humanity constructed the Wall of Severance to protect themselves from the new man-devouring bears for apparent reasons. Ginko Yurishiro and Lulu Yurigasaki, two bears, enroll at Arashigaoka in masquerade as human beings after slipping past the Wall of Severance. They form an extraordinary friendship with lovers Kureha Tsubaki and Sumika Izumino there. The secret, however, is that Kureha abhors bears.

12. MS. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighbourhood

Yuri Anime

A living puppet with a human personality who lives amid the forest has been the subject of rumors since Akari Amano was 15. Akari begins to explore the forest in search of this peculiar girl but gets lost. Sophie Twilight, a rumored girl who has no wish to suck Akari’s blood (she purchases her blood online), saves her. Akari decides to move in with Sophie, beginning a beautiful friendship and new life together.

13. Whispered Words

Yuri Anime

Ushio Kazama, the closest friend of 15-year-old Sumika Murasame, is where she falls in love. However, because Ushio prefers “cute” and “small” girls, Sumika cannot disclose despite being tall and athletic. Sumika and Ushio meet Tomoe Hachikusa and Miyako Taema one day in class and are enticed to join a “Girls’ Club.” Soon, Sumika is caught up in a cross-dressing model, a shy classmate with a serious love for dojinshi, and a yuri author who takes her away from Ushio—or so she thinks.

14. Sweet Blue Flowers

Sweet Blue Flowers is the best Yuri Anime. When Fumi is forced to move away with her family, sweet and energetic Akira Okudaira and shy and apprehensive Fumi Manjoume, who have been best friends since elementary school, are separated. Years later, when Fumi moves back home, they are reunited. It becomes clear that their friendship is different from what it once was because they attend different high schools despite seeing each other again. Fumi begins to develop an infatuation with popular girl Yasuko Sugimoto even though Akira wishes to be like they used to be.

15. Kiniro Mosiac

Shinobu Omiya left Japan five years ago to live in England, where she became close friends with another girl named Alice Cartelet despite the language barrier. Now that Shinobu is back in Japan, she receives a letter from Alice announcing her impending arrival to live with her! Alice and Karen Kujo, her friend from England, move in and enroll at Shinobu’s high school. Shinobu and Alice and her companions Youko Inokum and Aya Komichi develop a deeper friendship and gain knowledge of one another’s cultures.

16. Adachi and Shimamura

Hougetsu Shimamura and Sakura Adachi, both 15 years old, bypass the class by accident and meet in the gym. They eventually become close friends after spending time together and sharing pleasant company. Initial feelings of platonic friendship prevail, but as they grow closer, new emotions begin to emerge. It becomes infinitely clear that their friendship transcends platonic status. Both girls are unsure of how to proceed or how to explore the limits of their friendship as their friendships start to grow. Will this new relationship bring Adachi and Shimamura closer than mere friends and transform them into more, or will it further drive them apart?

17. Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic is the best Yuri Anime. Nagisa Aoi quickly finds herself lost on her first day of school at St. Miator’s Girls Academy, one of three prestigious institutions. She collapses and ends up in the nurse’s office after she finds herself in front of an enigmatic girl who is so beautiful. Nagisa is met by her roommate, Tamao Suzumi, who is there to assist her with navigating the campus and managing her school timetable. Most significantly, Tamao informs Nagisa about the Étoile, the highest pupil at the three institutions. It turns out that Shizuma Hanazono, the beautiful girl Nagisa previously met, has developed an interest in her.

18. Simoun

In Simulicram, every individual is born female and participates in a special ceremony at seventeen to choose their gender. Maiden priestesses transform into Pairs to protect their peace. Through a kiss, they can synchronize with one another and acquire the ability to navigate antiquated vessels called Simoun. Aer is a brand-new Simoun pilot who has a special flight ability. She fills in for pilots who were lost in a fierce combat. Aer is replacing the pair that Neviril, with whom she had lost her love, with whom she desires a partnership. To work together to protect their home, Aer and Neviril will need to overcome every one of their past sufferings.

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19. Maria Watches Over Us

Upon enrolling at Lillian Girls’ Academy, a Catholic school in Tokyo, the shy Yumi Fukuzawa had no intention of attracting the attention of even the most beautiful and popular girl in the school, Sachiko Ogasawara. When Sachiko says she wants to mentor Yumi throughout her high school career, Yumi is ecstatic. Yumi struggles to be the center of attention, while Sachiko, who doesn’t even blink an eye, is quickly the subject of rumors about the two of them. Yumi can endure anything, including high school, with Sachiko.

20. Mai-hime

The best Yuri Anime is Mai-hime. Mai Tokiha is an average high school student who transfers to the prestigious Fuuka Academy, which conceals many mysteries. Mai ends up attached to a “Child,” a pair-mechanical, part-spirit creature that can be commanded by girls who have the HiME mark after she arrives at Fuuka Academy. She is one of those girls. They are one of twelve, and they must use their abilities to transform “Orphans,” grotesque creatures endowed with similar capabilities as HiMe’s Children, into agents of power. Mai joins the other HiMes in the fight to protect the ones they love as the Orphan menace becomes more potent and belligerent than ever before. But as the dark secret of their fate as HiME and additional foes is revealed, each member will be forced to choose what to fight for and why it matters.

21. Yuru Yuri

After gaining admission to middle school and reuniting with Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou, 13-year-old Akari Akaza is a full year younger than her closest friends. Akari discovers that Yui and Kyouko founded the Amusement Club during their first year and currently occupy the vacant Team Club room. One of her classmates, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, quickly follows Akari to their club, where she joins to catch up with her friends. A club filled with amused girls amused themselves and gushed over one another; Akari is also present.

22. Konohana Kitan

The best Yuri Anime is Konohana Kitan. A vixen girl with a positive attitude, Yuzu is excited to start her first job at the inn Konohanatei, which features thermal springs. She makes up for her inexperience with fumbling errors with her exuberant vitality. Yuzu brings a special charisma to Konohanatei, which consumers and colleagues can’t help but notice. She makes fast friends with the foxes and other creatures in her vicinity, who teach her the ins and outs of her job and the world.

23. Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of Utena

The enigmatic transfer student at Ohtori Academy who presents a ring engraved with the Mark of the Rose is Utena Tenjou. Despite being a girl, all eyes are on the new girl with extended pink hair who dreams of becoming a prince one day. The Rose Bride for whom Utena is competing in the school’s duel tournament, Anthy Himemiya, is the focus of her attention. Touga Kiryuu, a childhood friend who is well-versed in her past and the peculiar ring she wears, is the only threat to Utena, who has the power to revolutionize the world in favor of the victor.

24. Kase-san and Morning Glories

Despite being both girls, 17-year-old Yui Yamada falls in love with and begins courting her school’s track sensation, Tomoka Kase. Yui, who appreciates horticulture, is a timid girl, and Tomoka, an exuberant adolescent, has many friends. As they relish in the exhilaration and immaturity of first love, they care for and support one another above all else despite their personalities and social lives diametrically opposed.

25. Flip Flappers

The best Yuri Anime is Flip Flappers. Cocona is a typical middle school girl who lives daily with her grandmother without a clear purpose. Papika, an odd girl with a peculiar orange hairstyle, then appears and whisks Cocona away to the world of Pure Illusion. Papika, searching for crystal fragments, and Cocoa end up in an alternate dimension. To fight the creatures of the world and a rival organization once more, Cocona and Papika acquire the ability to transform into mystical girls while traveling from world to world. Even Papika’s secret connection to Pure Illusion and Cocona will not deter them from creating bonds and feelings that will last forever.

26. Dear Brother

Nanako Misonoo, a 16-year-old girl, enrolls at Seiren Academy, an all-girl school renowned for its powerful influence. When Nanako is invited to join the Sorority, a select group of the school’s talent, affluence, and attractiveness, she is even more excited. Nanako is welcomed to the darker side of the school, which is filled with obsession, deception, and drama because everyone dreams of being one of them. Nanako clings to hope by writing letters to her erstwhile instructor, Takehiko Henmi, whom she affectionately called “onii-sama” (big brother), amid her resentful classmate Aya Misaki’s suffering. She attempts to survive the brutal world of unfavorable rumors, convoluted social standing, and vicious end bullying through these letters and her closest friend, Rei Asaka.

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