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Msxml4.dll Not Found Or Missing Error? How To Fix

DLL Files perform crucial functionality for the Windows operating system. The file is connected with MSXML 4.0 SP and is a member of the DLL family. This DLL file is required for several system functions. When this file is missing, some programs that rely on it may not function correctly. After updating Windows, users have reported encountering the Msxml4.dll not found or missing error message. Windows Updates can frequently alter system files and cause similar troubles. In addition, the file may become damaged owing to malware and viruses. If you have arrived at this article searching for troubleshooting steps, you are at the correct spot. This article describes how to fix Windows Msxml4.dll not found or missing errors.

How To Easily Fix Msxml4.dll Not Found Or Missing Error?

Several solutions exist for this issue regardless of what caused the Msxml4.dll file to get corrupted or deleted. Below are potential fixes to the Msxml4.dll not found or missing error on your Windows computer.

Run SFC And DISM Scan

SFC and DISM will repair any system files that are missing or corrupted. These are the built-in tools for repairing problems caused by damaged files, missing system files, or misconfigured files. Follow the steps below to run an SFC and DISM scan.

1 – Press the Windows + S key combination, then search for CMD. Then, using the arrow keys, select Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

Msxml4.dll Not Found

2 – Run the command below to initiate your computer’s SFC scan.

sfc /scannow

Msxml4.dll Not Found

3 – This will initiate the SFC scan; please wait for the process to run.

4 – Once this has been completed, run the following command to initiate the DISM scan.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Msxml4.dll Not Found

5 – Wait for the process to finish, then exit the Command Prompt.

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Run Virus Scan

Viruses and malware frequently destroy key system files, resulting in instability and latency. If you have encountered an Msxml4.dll not found or missing error, run an antivirus scan on your computer. You may use a third-party antivirus program to scan your computer for a virus. However, if you do not have an antivirus program installed on your computer, you should run a Windows security scan using the below steps.

1 – Launch Windows Security from the Start menu.

Msxml4.dll Not Found

2 – Here, click on Virus & Threat Protection.

Msxml4.dll Not Found

3 – Now, click the Scan Options button.

4 – Select Full Scan and click Scan to run a complete scan.

Msxml4.dll Not Found

Update Drivers

To fix this error, you can update your drivers. Follow the steps suggested below to do this.

1 – Press the Windows + I key to open the Settings app.

2 – In the sidebar on the left, click Windows Update.

3 – Click Advanced Options and then Optional Updates.

4 – Under Driver Updates, select all available updates.

5 – Install all available driver updates.

Perform System Restore

Perform a system restore as the subsequent troubleshooting step. For example, suppose you encounter this issue after making changes to your system (such as modifying settings, installing/removing an application, installing Windows Update, etc.). In that case, you can perform a system restore. This will restore your system to the state before you make the changes, but you will need the restore point to proceed. Listed below are the steps required to perform a system.

1 – Press the Windows key, then search for and open Create a restore point.

2 – Click the System Restore button in the System Properties box.

3 – Now, please click the Next button to continue.

4 – Choose the restore point from the drop-down menu, then click Next.

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5 – Click Finish to begin the system restore on the following page.

Reset PC

If you continue to have the same issue after doing the steps mentioned above, you have no option except to reset your PC. This will revert your PC to its factory settings and remove all your apps and settings. A backup of your data is required before proceeding with this step. Below are the steps required to reset the PC.

1 – Open the Settings application using the Windows + I keyboard shortcut.

2 – Under the System tab, click the Recovery option.

3 – Click the Reset PC option on this page.

4 – You will now have two options.

Keep My Files – This option removes all apps and settings while preserving your files.

Remove Everything – This option deletes everything, including your files, apps, and settings.

5 – Choose one of the two available options to proceed.

6 – You will then be asked to choose how you wish to reinstall Windows. You have two options for this:

Cloud Download – Downloads and reinstalls Windows from the internet. A data connection is required for this option.

Local Reinstall – This will reinstall Windows using the ISO file that is already on your system. If you select this option, you will be prompted to select the ISO file for Windows on your system.

7 – Select one of the two available options and then follow the on-screen steps to reset your computer.


Errors indicating Msxml4.dll was not found or is missing might impede the system’s error. Typically, this occurs when the file has been deleted or if it has become corrupted. If you are experiencing this issue, the above steps will help you solve it.

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